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Thread: goose range

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    goose range

    What is the maximum range for an ethical, clean kill shot at Canada geese using 3" BB out of a 12ga? Any longer with 3.5" shells?

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    A good range with 3 inch shells is 25 to 30 yards, 3 1/2 35 to 40 yards, you cannot say anything about ethicaly killing the geese lol, ive dropped one last year at about forty five yards flying away, dropped it dead, i hit anotherone at ten yards, three times and was still flopping, its all about controlling your adrenaline, your breathing and make eac shot count, i shoot number twos but bbs work good too

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    This is a loaded questions for sure - no pun intended. Are you looking for an ethical answer or a effective answer? \

    1. Of or relating to moral principles or the branch of knowledge dealing with these.
    2. Morally correct.
    CTHH has the best recommended ranges listed in his reply and we have also experienced geese at close range take multiple loads and keep on trucking.

    I prefer them real close and committed - that is part of the game isn't it?!

    The only real way to know what your effective range of a shot is to use the number of pellets on target and the kinetic energy delivered at those distances.

    When going from a 3" to 3.5" you either increase the velocity or the pellet count and sometimes both depending on the manufacture. Guys swear they will never shoot anything but 3.5" for geese and turkey, yet I shoot nothing but 3".

    Real tough question to answer because it depends so much on the loads, gun, choke and the shooter himself.
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