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Thread: 86-year-old Pa. man hunts from recliner, bags buck

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    86-year-old Pa. man hunts from recliner, bags buck

    This is a great story I just wanted to share. I say it all the time, as long as my dad wants to hunt I will find a way to make sure he can as that is the least I can do to repay him for kindling the fire for the great outdoors that I posses.

    86-year-old Pa. man hunts from recliner, bags buck

    ALLENTOWN, Pa. Lester Warner left the hospital in a weakened state last month, his frail body wracked by late-stage cancer. At 86 years old, he and his family had decided to stop treatment. But that didn't mean he planned to stop hunting.

    Pennsylvania's highly anticipated two-week rifle deer season was fast approaching, and the lifelong hunter from Dover Township, about 30 miles south of Harrisburg, wanted to take to the woods one last time.

    "He just assumed he would be going. We decided we were going to play along with it: 'Yeah, we can't wait for hunting season, Dad,'" recalled Warner's son, Brian.

    Brian and his brother Scott were skeptical. But when their father started to rally gaining strength with the help of a physical therapist they decided they had better accommodate him, said Brian, 51.

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    Great story...I shared it on my FB page.

    ~ Van
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    Nice story. I hope I get to hunt at that age. But...I'm not in a hurry to get there.

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