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Thread: CT Hunting & Fishing Appreciation Day

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    CT Hunting & Fishing Appreciation Day

    CT Hunting & Fishing Appreciation Day

    Hosted by the DEP and the Friends of Sessions Woods
    On Saturday, September 25th, we will be holding a special event at Sessions Woods WMA in Burlington, CT to celebrate the contributions that hunters and anglers have made to the conservation of Connecticut's natural resources.
    More Info
    - How to Get There - Presentations - Activities - Guests and Cooperators - Frequently Asked Questions
    Fun activities for all ages are planned, along with educational programs and workshops about hunting and fishing. There also will be drawings and door prizes for a variety of hunting, fishing, and outdoor equipment. Best of all, the event is free to attend!

    So, mark your calendar. Come practice your shooting and casting skills. Talk to DEP biologists about wildlife and fisheries. Learn some tips about getting that big buck or hooking that monster bass. Be sure to bring the kids and grandkids. Older children will be able to test their skills on the pellet gun and archery ranges and perhaps win some prizes. Younger children will be able to enjoy playing games, learning about wildlife, and making crafts. Food will be available for sale. But, if you want, bring your own picnic lunch to enjoy.
    Why we're celebrating
    Hunters and anglers have been at the forefront of the conservation movement for over 100 years. They showed their support for conservation by requesting taxes and special fees on hunting and fishing equipment to help pay for wildlife and fish management, habitat restoration, and other conservation programs. It is important to recognize the outstanding contributions that hunters and anglers have made and continue to make towards wildlife conservation. Special Thanks
    We would like to give special thanks to the Main Street Community Foundation and the Clinton S. Roberts Foundation for providing financial support for this special event.

    Guests and Cooperators

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    Thanks for the heads up, if my schedule allows I'll bring my two sons to this.

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    bummer, I will be out of town. Would have liked to bring the kids

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