View Poll Results: When you harvest a deer where do you gut them

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  • where they drop

    24 66.67%
  • drag them away from your stand

    11 30.56%
  • Take them home and gut them

    1 2.78%
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Thread: Gutting deer

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    S.E. Mass. Except Deer season then you re apt to find me hanging around any ol tree!!
    I have never worried about the gut sack I have shot deer that walked around a gut sack from days before I have also seen deer sniffing them but never spooked because of a gut sack. I always gut them where they fall why work any harder then you have to.

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    where they drop; unless it is in a bar-way. Don't want to have the farmer drive through that stuff with his tractor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spotted Crow View Post
    EEEEWWWWWW!!!!! You guys touch that stuff. OMG
    I had some fun with a guy I was hunting with some years back. Shot a nice buck and while field dressing it I cut the stomach open, reached in and grabbed a handful on contents to examine what it had been eating. Didn't think much of it til I looked up and this guy was on the other side of a tree depositing his breakfast on the ground.

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