Winds and waves doing a number on Plum Island fishing grounds
The Lowell Sun
Updated: 08/27/2010 06:41:14 AM EDT

The weather has been terrible for days but to make matters worse the wind was out of the northeast, which put a pounding on Plum Island. There was a lot more beach erosion, the sand bar changed some and an area in the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge that was 100 yards from water to dunes is just 30 yards wide. Drive-on permits opened up this week but to only 50 people instead of the usual 200. Seven miles of beach front for fishing is now only just about a mile. When you get a northeast wind up here and 10-foot seas, that just spells disaster for the entire region.


NORTH SHORE -- It's been a tough week with big-time seas so boaters just did not get out. The few that decided to go were 70-foot long party boats or bigger. They got into some haddock and cod but they had to work for them. In close it was all shore line fishing. Clams did the trick on stripers mostly to 30 inches. Nothing real big at the Merrimack this week. The mouth of the river saw a couple bluefish blitzes that were short in duration at dawn but they were 12 to 14 pound fish. With the water all mixed well it's a good time to fish live eels, be it from shore or boat, and do it under the cover of darkness. A bit north of here is the Piscataqua River which separates Maine and New Hampshire. The river mouth has been busting with bluefish from 8 to 14 pounds. They are hitting the tin so fire something shiny and you should have a good day.

BOSTON HARBOR -- B-Buoy is the place to fish right now for tuna. Some big boys to 400-500 pounds have found this area to their liking because of the number of bluefish in the area. Blues are all over the inner and outer Boston Harbor. Always fish this area rain or shine with swimming plugs at dawn. Fish the Route 99 Bridge, Summer Street and Castle Island. Stripers are also doing fair to good. The water has cooled but the fishing has not. Fish Deer Island, Long Island and Nahant for some exciting action. Tuna to 100 pounds are found right behind Egg Rock as the Gulf Stream continues in close. The surf is winding down and the weekend should be fabulous.

LOWELL AND VICINITY -- Most of the time I drive up and down the river and see a person fishing and ask them what's going on. The past two days I have not encountered a single soul wetting a line. This weekend the fishing should be very good with the water temps down and the river level up. Don't overlook one of the best kept secrets in the region and fish for carp and big panfish. The sunfish here are huge and I am betting a record is lurking for some 8-year-old.