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Thread: Controlling The Deer Population Costs A Lot In Fairfield

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    Controlling The Deer Population Costs A Lot In Fairfield

    Controlling The Deer Population Costs A Lot In Fairfield

    FAIRFIELD, CT (WCBS 880) - A new study shows that taking a unified approach to controlling the deer population throughout Fairfield County would be the most effective means.

    The study shows that towns are spending millions on their own trying to cull the herds.

    In Wilton, for example, Pat Sesto, director of environmental affairs, says the town expense is huge.

    She tells WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau that, “Wilton, for example, which is a community of about 18,000, we spend over $6 million a year on fencing and repellants and deer and tick control.”

    Sesto says a statewide approach would reduce town by town costs dramatically.

    She says that, in Wilton, 1,400 deer need to be culled.

    Topping the list for expenses was the town of Fairfield, which spent spent $17 million trying to keep its deer population under control.

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    I'd be happy to go down and poke holes in a few for them. Who do I call?

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    You know what who the **** cares those tree tree hugging a-hole down there own 5 10 15 acre of land in some cases & will not allow hunting so if they all die of Lyme then so be it TFB. They are asking for it they know what can happen if the herd is not controled & they fight back every time. I did work for the people that owned Hertz rent a car & it was like that Miller light commercial closest to the track furthest from reality.

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