Sharp curve in Maine nets another big fish spill
August 1, 2010

WHITING, Maine—There's something fishy in Whiting, Maine.

This For the third time, a fish truck has accidently dumped its load in Esther MacLaughlin's front yard, located on a sharp turn near the intersection of Route 189 and Route 1.

Maine State Police say a truck carrying at least 22,000 pounds of lobster-bait herring overturned on the curve Saturday, spilling its cargo and injuring the driver.

Trooper Andrew Foss tells the Bangor Daily News the driver blew a tire as he drove through the curve, causing the truck to flip on its side. The driver was hospitalized with leg injuries. The truck sustained $25,000 in damage.

Robin McPhail says her mother lives "on a really bad curve with some really smelly bait on her lawn".