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    New Bow

    I have been itching to buy a new bow for a couple of years. I've been shooting a Hoyt Tenacity 2 since 1998. I liked the bow and harvested many deer with it but it never quite fit me right. This year I figured if it had to go to the shop for anything I was not coming home with my old bow. Well, during some early spring shooting my eliminator button fell off. There was my excuse.
    I told the wife I wanted to buy a new bow and got "the look." Come Fathers Day I had a nice card from the wife and kids with money for a new bow.
    Went over to Newbury Archery in Goshen. Barry had done so much work tuning my old bow for no charge that I really never considered going any place else. Right away I new it was going to be between the Mathews Z7 and the Hoyt Maxis. Barry set up one of each. Both were 28 inch 70 pound bows. Both were set at 70 pounds. I shot each one side by side for about an hour. At first glance I liked the look and feel of the Hoyt a lot better. But when I shot them, the Mathews seemed to have a better valley where the hoyt wanted to pull at you at full draw. I was almost ready to plunk down the money for the Mathews when Barry told me the valley is adjustable on the Hoyt. A little pin moved a couple notches up and the valley opened up nicely.
    These bows feel very similar when shot side by side. I like the smaller throat on the Hoyt grip a bit better than the Mathews. And being a Hoyt guy I decided to stay with the Hoyt, although I don't think you could go wrong with either one.

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    Congrats on the new bow! Not to much could be better then that.

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    I Bought a Z7 over the winter and love it. I can shoot groups at 40 yds just as tight as i could at 20 yds with my old bow. Good luck with your new bow. Like you said, you cant go wrong with either one.

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    Way to go! You did your homework and made a great choice on bows!

    Nice how you also made it known to the family that you wanted a new bow, now if you can do that before your birthday to..... get a new gun, then for your anniversary to..... maybe get a nice fishing boat, and then don't forget Christmas... a late season hunt somewhere!

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    Congratulations on the new bow. Sounds like you had fun just playing with them. Hoyt does make an excellent bow from what I'm told. My self, I have two Buckmasters. Nice bows but probably not in the same league as the Hoyts. Now it's a Barnett crossbow I bought in December. Only been shot six times. I need to get a move on.

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