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Thread: DEP EnCon Police Arrest Windsor Man for use of chemicals to kill wildlife

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    They are on rte 2 east bound between exit 22 and 23. Nothing is eating those.
    I see them dead there from time to time, must be a lot of
    coyotes in that area.

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    There are a ton of coyotes in that area, I was walking around the Lebanon Coop for turkey and the back part of the far east field is covered in dog tracks. Some of them are prett large as well. I'm going to have to try and do some coyote control after turkey season.

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    Hey Matt, those are some good points. I agree that most people if they don't farm or hunt don't understand or have a clue. Things are backwards because of P.R.
    Cats should not be allowed to roam and do more damage than to the eco system than anything else, killing snakes, frogs, rabbits, squirrels, etc, not to mention the Rabies concerns and walking on cars etc....but I cant trap cats, even though I get the calls regularly. I risk Animal Cruelty charges which is a joke.
    The old saying is is a "If Cat bites someone, there's no owner in site. If you euthanize a feral cat, 5 owners come out of the woodwork, that was my pet!"
    As far as Raccoons on a farm, if a farmer has land enough to hunt, he can trade with a NWCO for services. If the coons are causing damage, I'm sure he can find a NWCO to remove the coons for hunting privileges. There are traps better than footholds anyway for coons. I think your right, foot traps must be below waterline for a furtrapper.

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