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Thread: Online tag buying

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    Online tag buying

    I was under the impression you could buy turkey tags on the DEP website now. I can't seem to figure it out though. Any tips?

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    Not sure what problems you are having, but the two links already posted should help.

    The online license system will allow you to purchase licenses and permits as long as you are in the system already and if not then stop by a license agent. The online license system does NOT print out tags. All deer and turkey tags are in the other link provided and just a plain old piece of paper and not a tag like they used to be.

    Your online license is just like a receipt from the store listing everything you purchased (licenses and permits). This must be signed and carried with you. Make plenty of copies of it as well.

    Hope this helps!
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    Yep, the bottom of that page for the second link should get you started. Just got spring turkey tags for my son and myself, no problem.

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    You must be in the system. If you haven't purchased a hunting license on the computerized system you must get your first one at a town clerk/DEP office/vendor, to verify that you have had a hunting license/CEFS course.

    Once you are in the system you are good to go to purchase everything online from that point forward.

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