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Thread: Archery Super sport License.

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    Archery Super sport License.

    I bought an archery super sport license which includes private land spring turkey. Am I wrong thinking that I can hunt turkeys with a shotgun with this permit ? I checked the guide and don't see sepperate firearms and archery permits for the spring hunt.

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    Your spring turkey permits are for either Bow or shotgun, but you still need a firearms license to use the shotgun and archery license to use the bow. Your Archery super sport is your archery license in this case. If you don't buy your firearms license then you can only use the Bow for your spring turkey permit.

    In the fall there is a separate Fall Archery turkey permit and a Fall Firearms Turkey permit.
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    That's what I thought , just wanted to make sure. I have my firearms license.

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    I'd like to hear an Econ clarification.

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    If you buy the Archery Supersport and have a firearms hunting license, you can use the turkey tags that came with the archery permit to turkey hunt.

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    Thanks. I bought the license on line so I'll just print my tags.

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    Thank you for the clarification!

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