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Thread: coyote carcass

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    The fur is only worth something (prime) about 2 months of the year. The rest of the time, it is worthless.
    Summer fur prior and then rubbed after, like right now.
    Second, if you don't have the tools, such as a fleshing knife,stretcher and a fleshing beam, you are not going be able to do any type of meaningful job. Another-words, unless you know what you are doing and commit not only the investment of tools but the backbreaking work and time to properly skin the animal, the fur will be worthless as you'll put holes in it, guaranteed.
    Third, good luck finding someone that actually wants the fur after you've blew a hole in the side , or even if you took a perfect head shot for that matter. Fur trappers and sellers are a dying breed in Ct. Even with the best intentions, call a guy up with a couple C. furs and he'll have to work all weekend , etc. etc.
    Common sense should prevail if your taking a lot of them on a regular basis, finding a connection prior is a good thing.
    I understand and respect all living things but believe that man is superior to animals at the same time. Therefore, we must manage wildlife, to the best of our ability. When managing wildlife, do you think that the animal in question is always used? You may think that is the ideal situation until you have Gray Squirrels that have chewed into your home and destroyed the romex wiring in your attic and you have no power on the 2nd floor and now need a electrician. The animal rights activist's would have us believe you can trap and remove the squirrels and not harm them at all. Think relocation is the answer? Usually, 50% at best and really does nothing to solve the long term problem and isn't even an option with Yotes or Beaver for example..No where to put them where their not already.
    Then, there's reality. I can one way squirrels out of an attic they've chewed into and chances are, there gonna chew right back in, doing more exterior damage. The offending Squirrels need to be removed, permanently. Anyone want all those Squirrels? That's a lot of good eating, right? If you don't want me to waste them, let me know and I'll drop them all off at your door.
    The State Wildlife Division get's Coyote complaint calls all the time. They will give consultation, but that's it. I get calls for Coyotes all the time. I don't take the jobs, for several reasons but does a homeowner have a right to protect his beagles when the Coyotes are jumping a chain link fence every night. Ever research Coyote/Human attacks/conflicts in Mass or Ca.?
    The point is Coyotes, like all other Mammals are having young every year. The population grows, every year. If man does not hunt them, what do you think will happen? Well, human conflicts will increase and the animal will be considered a pest. Then more are going to get hit by cars for one thing. Then disease and starvation set in and take a toll on the population as well.
    What is the difference if a hunter drops a Coyote and leaves it discreetly in the woods or it runs out on RT1 and is clipped? The difference is , not much except maybe the taxpayers will now foot the bill to have the animal cleaned off the road.

    We have to be careful and deal with facts as hunters, and not emotions. Animal rights activists deal with and deceive people with emotion. If hunting is to survive or if you want more places to hunt we need to learn and deal with reality.
    While a Coyote is a living thing, I can't eat it. Deer and Turkey on the other hand, are food. Tasty too!
    I'll also venture and say that none of us are using a Deer to its full potential.
    In short, I don't worry about the hunting gods, only one God and I sleep fine at night.

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    Well said CTtrapper. If we are to manage our wildlife, we need to manage all of the species to sustainable populations in respect to their habitat. Predators like coyotes, fisher, fox need to be removed to some degree so the fawns, rabbits, and grouse have a chance. How many grouse have you seen in the last few years. I've seen one, two years ago. Habitat destruction and predators are the reason for it. I'm not gonna cry over a coyote left in the woods. If it's prime, sure, use it or find someone that will. But, when they're out of control and killing the goat next door (last tuesday, my neighbor had five coyotes kill his only goat), or decimating the small game population, take a few out. It's beneficial to the big picture, ethically and financially.
    NOBODY EVER SHOT BAMBI....they shot his momma.

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    Cttrapper I all so have no use for fawn and deer killing coyotes,and yes
    they do kill deer and many fawns because our rut is so long.I have
    killed hundreds of mice in my house and barn.I killed 110 in 1977
    my best year. If any one has a good recipe I'll give you a
    few As you say no one wants a coyote with a 3 inch hole in them!

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    I can agree with you CTtrapper and oldfarms. I really wasnt thinking of mice
    and squirrels in an attic when I made that comment. I would also be a liar if I said I never killed anything without using it. Woodchucks are a good example. I guess I will just say that I have a certain feeling of guilt when I do it. (mosquitos and ticks dont count)

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    Hey Old Farms, that's a lot of mice! I believe a guy in Minnisotta will buy em all if your not poisoning. Gormans, I think his name is. Makes a Coyote paste bait.

    TMH brought up another point in that even in great shape, the fur is still almost worthless. It's a great fur but not worth much.
    Otter on the other hand...

    ctdeer, Woodchuck are a great example.

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    One thing I lurned many years ago is most fur will not measure up.
    I used to hunt coon in Ct.and found out that the eastern coon has
    three colors white,black and yellow.The western coon has little
    or no yellow.The prices went from $28.00 for a large prime to 50
    cents a few years later dew to the evaluation between the Italian
    Lara and the US dollar.The hides were then going to Italy and being
    used on cuff ,collar and hood trim.I knew a fur buyer who went to
    a BIG yearly fur auction I think in Canada.He said they had more hides
    than you could imagine.You would bid on a bunch (10) and there were
    (90) of the same size and quality in anouther warehouse that you
    also got if you won.He also said they had every kind of hide in North
    I also found out how hard it was to get a prime hide.The male will
    prime up before the female and they were considered (blue) if not
    taken during the coldest part of the winter.Plus you better not
    cut the hide while skinning it.And most people didn't stretch on
    boards they froze them.

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