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Thread: any bow suggestions?

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    Go to Cabelas you can try as many bows as you like, and i personally love bear. Anyone of the bear bows will grab your heart

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    Hate to say it , but the bow you want is the one that feels right and fits you well...It is all personal,we all have our favorites. I prefer PSE, I liked shooting High Country, Browning, Darton and others I have always been a speed freak which does not always mean the easiest to shoot. None of the bow companies can afford to make junk today. The outdoor shows are coming pretty quickly and you can check out a lot of bows there.You will not be able to shoot them, but at least you can handle them. Passinthru is right on the money with his advice. Figure out your budget and feel out the bows in that range, if budget is not a problem buy the best you can afford and stay away from gimmicks, stick with the dependable....You can easily be over $1000.00 just for the bow with sights,rest, stabilizer and so on. Another thing to consider is draw weight, 15 years ago I was shooting 3D matches at 85 lbs just to hit 280 fps.I am only 36 and I can feel the damage to my joints from that kind of poundage. Today's bows are alot more powerful then back then, I use 63 lbs for hunting which is more then enough for any whitetail you will come across. The speed is around 280-295 with a 2314 and broadhead.

    What ever you buy It must fit you properly and you must be comfortable with it to shoot well. Bill at Center Sports in Columbia would take good care of you.
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    I think everyone covered it well.
    understand your budget-then go another $50 higher.
    try several in that price range.

    comment on poundage:
    - 40 pounds will pass through many broadside deer shots.
    - many elk/Bear hunters use 60-65 lbs. Mine is a 2009 Martin Maob @ 65lbs 29.5" draw and chrono @ 268' per/second with broadhead

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    this was my 1st year bow hunting.I went to sportsmann outpost in wolcott and purchased a hoyt alpha max great bow got 3 deer with the bow..THe biggest issue is the amout of money you want to spend..I started at 350 and ended at 850 with all the extras..guys at the shop where great..

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    Hey, 3 deer for your first year is pretty damn good, congrats

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