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Thread: shotgun for 13 yr old girl

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    shotgun for 13 yr old girl

    my daughter is getting into hunting with me this year after we complete the hunting saftey class,, cant wait to get out there for the spring turkey with her..Question, what is the best shotgun for a girl..Looking at the remington 20 ga. semi auto. Anybody else hunt with their daughters....

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    I only have one granddaughter and she's only four so she's a little young yet. As for the Remington 20 ga. autoloader I don't think you can do better. I am 61 years old. I started with a 20 ga. Went to a twelve and now what I use is a 20 ga. I even use the first gun I ever owned. An Ithica featherlight 20 ga. Has plenty of knockdown and mild recoil.

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    At that age, mine had a Moss 500 in 20.
    I've always like the safety on top of the Mossberg but obviously, you can't go wrong with the Remington.

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    The semi-auto will have less recoil than the pump. You just have watch the size and weight of the gun. I started shooting skeet when I was 11 and had to go to a .28ga. The .28ga is limited and probably not suitable for your needs.

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    First thing, it is awesome that you introduced your Daughter to the outdoors, Good Job! I think Mossberg still offers a 500 or 835 20 ga. in a youth model, usually you can get a pretty good deal on them in deer/bird barrel combo. My first was a Mossberg 20 ga. 500 pump back in 1976 i put a slug barrel on it and still use it today. Personally i would choose the pump only because it's a little safer as far as a live round being automatically put into the chamber for a new hunter who will get very excited.

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    Thanks for the information I am going to have her try remington 20 ga..Off to the archery shop to get her bow today

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    I gave my daughter a 20 ga. Rem. 870 Express youth model for her 12 th. birthday. She didn't have any problem handling it. I started her off with low brass target loads and worked up to 3" mag turkey loads.

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    single shot

    i don't know about an autoloader, i would think a single shot would be best for a young hunter. safer, and will force the young hunter to make one shot count. 20 guage is probably the way to go and a good recoil pad.

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    As far as single shot foe safety you can always only allow one shell to be loaded In the pump or semi anyway so the single shot isn't sky safer. My some started with a Remington 870 20ga youth model and my daughter has it now and she handles the 3 inch Turkey loads just fine. The gun has taken deer, Turkey and ducks for my son. My daughter will start in the spring. Good luck and enjoy every minute of it because before you know it they are in college.

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