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Thread: Built a new reloading bench

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    Built a new reloading bench

    Finally got to build a new bench its 8ft x 2ft x 4ft cost $113 total for the wood and screws. top is 3/4 inch ext. plywood (smooth), backing and bottom shelf are 3/4 inch osb board legs are 4 x4 stringers are 2 x4. 4 feet may seem tall but i like to stand when loading i also have a swivel captains chair when i want to sit.Bottom shelf houses my tumbler and cleaning supplies and a small compressor to blow off the bench. The other end will be used as a regular work area you can see the drill press in the pictures. I'm pretty proud of this project my carpentry skills suck but i'm getting better took my time measured and remeasured to be sure and cut carefully. Jerry





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    very nice Boulder. thanks for posting pictures of your hard work.

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    looks great! I was just reading a decent article the other day in Handloader magazine on work place preferences as far as reloading and smithing goes. I'll see if i can dig up a web version. To me as long as you know where everything is and there is no fire hazard then have a ball!

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