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    Andover Archery
    (if I got this right, Mark Hall owned Hall's Archery for many years and had sold it to the people that are running it now. Now, Mark and his son Gary opened Andover Archery which has a small indoor lane and a large 3-D course in the woods where you can shoot at a number of animal targets from the ground as well as varying hieght tree stands.)

    I used to go to Hall's in Manchester. Even though they are very knoweldgeable, I had a few issues with service and advice. Plus, One bow we bought was strung wrong,( the string was not installed on the cable guard correctly and my peep site not well positioned in the string.

    The day after Christmas, I took my 8yr old daughter(Megan) to Andover Archery and spent almost 4 hours with the owner; Mark Hall. He hardly charged us anything for all of his help. (most resonably priced shop that I have visited).

    He worked on Megan's bow, checked draw length, gave her many shooting tips, and served in a peep site. Suggested she shoot with fingers, but could move on to a mechanical release in the near future if she desires.
    Then worked with her on the indoor target for proper drawing techniques and worked with her site to get her close to shooting bulls-eyes at 10 yrds.

    Then Mark worked with my Martin Maob bow (didn't think it needed much help as it was shooting good - but this is why he is a national champion with several titles and NAA records and I am a newbie). He noticed that one of my cams had a sharp edge that was damaging my serving. Also, I had to lean my head down slightly to see tthrough the peep. If I wanted to shoot 60 yrds, I would be sighting with the bottom of my site ring(horrible way to shoot). He did some work to my peep site and served it in so that it is at the correct hieght and does not require a hose to make it straight (when I pull back it is straight). It was about 3/8" low for me which was previously set up my Hall's arrow shop up in Manchester. This also allows me to have site pins that will now work out to ~60 yrds.

    If you want proffessional help with your bow, bow set up, shooting style, hunting or 3-D, custom arrows, new bows, Mark or Gary Hall should be given the chance to support your questions. They will also give you a fair price on trade-in bows towards a new bow.
    You are not going to get HELP from Cabela's staff (or probably any other area pro shop) like you will get from these guys!!!!

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    Not taking anything away from Bill at Center Sports Mark is truly top shelf. I also had some issues with Hall's in Manchester. They sold me a bow that was two inches longer than my draw length. Never could shoot it worth a darn. Andy and I bought some Mckenzie 3-D targets from Mark and Gary. Excellent price and service.
    I will back these guys and say that you can't go wrong dealing with them.

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    Mark knows what he is doing, but don't forget Bill at Columbia. When I was shooting for Browning, Bill and I took the service classes together.Personally If I could not do it myself, I would not leave my bow with anybody else but Bill. John

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    I went running from Cabala's to Halls and will stay with Bill at Columbia sports

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    I too will stay with Bill at center sports he has treated me really good never once has he screwed me over the guy is top shelf all the way and he knows his stuff about crossbows most other shops are just getting on line .

    I am not downing andover archery mark is also a great guy they gave us a good deal when Cal45 and i bought the 3D targets ...

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    I have to agree with stonecrusher, Mark and Gary at Andover Archery have helped me and my wife out alot. I can't say anything bad about Hall's either. I think its funny how everyones opinion is different, I don't care for Center Sports. I had a bad experience there a while ago.

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