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Thread: Coyote survives 75 mph collision with car

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    Coyote survives 75 mph collision with car

    Coyote survives 75 mph collision with car - and being trapped between grill and radiator - for 8 hrs

    Meet the world's toughest coyote.

    Daniel East and his sister, Tevyn, were driving at night along Interstate 80 near the Nevada-Utah earlier this month, when their car slammed into a coyote that scurried in their path, reported Rex Features.

    Believing there was no way the wild animal could survive the 75 mph collision, the pair kept driving for eight more hours to their destination, where they finally inspected the damage to their car.

    But it did manage to survive being dragged for 600 miles.

    "Immediately I saw a ton of fur and said, 'Sis, don't look, this is bad,'" David East told the photo agency.

    When the coyote started moving, however East realized the animal had survived - and was trapped between the front grill and the radiator of their car.

    A local animal control expert was called to the scene and managed to extricate the coyote - which had survived its ordeal with only a few scrapes on its paw.

    The animal, named Tricky and moved to a kennel at the rescue worker's home to recuperate, later escaped by wriggling under the bars of its cage, reported Rex Features.

    "We named it Tricky for a reason," Daniel East said.
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    It would of funnier if it was hit by a Plymouth Roadrunner. BEEP! BEEP!
    Talk about beening Wyle E Coyote, Were is the ACME sign
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    WOW. Their resilience never ceases to amaze me.

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