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Thread: Coyote hunting

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    I love hunting 'yotes. Last year I was out scouting for dens and I stumbled across a 'yote eating a turkey. I hunt them with my bow and hand calls. I dont have a decoy, but plan on getting one this year, it seems to make it a lot easier.

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    I hunt yotes using hand and elec. calls. If you dont use the hand calls correctly you will scare them away. Believe it or not, I have brought people with me that thought they new what they were doing and spoiled some good shots for me. Practice at home and often.
    As for decoys, any homemade fuzzy or feathered decoy that will move in the wind works, for the most part. I made one using an old ice fishing tip-up and some pheasant feathers that I found in the woods.

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    I use a .17 HMR. deadly and accurate round! i use hornady17gr v max. this year i have been using bait with very good results. between myself and a friend we have shot 8 so far this year over bait and 5 while pushing deer. they seem to be on the bait at sunrise for the most part and we have not seen much before midnight. we have had as many as 4 on a bait pile at one time. i also have a good amount of trail cam photos. it seems as though they come out to the bait around 3am - sunrise. deer pelts,bones and guts work the best! put them in some chicken wire and stake it down good so they have to work for it.

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    Retriever could you please share some pictures of the coyotes thanks for the tips i plan trying to hunt for them soon we have a good size pack out where i hunt.


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    are you using cover scents or calling scents the 2 places i go i met other coy hunters out there so i think thats why it been hard for me

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    A deer hunting buddy of mine has been breakin my stones to do this with him and reluctantly I accepted. WOW what a blast! I had two come within 12 yards, and I missed with my single shot slug gun. What a dummy. A 12guage and buck shot is the only way to hunt these critters. They move way to fast unless you hunt them from a treestand.
    Anyway the male come runnin in and stopped when I raised my gun turned and blew outta there. I got the crosshairs on him and squeezed the trigger. I am sighted in at 50 YDS. right over his back. I sit there and cuss myself when a marmalade colored female comes in on the same trail that the male went out on. I eject the shell and get a new one in place, get the barrel back in place raise it up and she turns and leaves like her tail is on fire. All of this happens within 5 minutes of the first set of calls. If anyone out there can kill a yote with a single bullet that quick that close range, YOU ARE A BAD MAN! Far as I can tell a scattergun is the only way to git'em.

    This was my third time out and 3rd time seeing 2 or more of these critters. What a way to spend the time from deer season to turkey season. It will definitely keep you on your toes.

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