D.T. Systems H20 1800 Series Dog Training Collars
The H2O 1800 series of training collars from D.T. Systems are a perfect choice for both the professional and novice dog trainer. Both the collar and transmitter are fully waterproof and have a variety of built-in features. In addition to being waterproof, the transmitter is the only one on the market that floats if accidentally dropped in a lake or stream.
There are four variations of the H2O 1800 series collars. Each share the same features of a FM frequency with an 1800 yard (1 mile) range, 16 levels of intensity adjusted from the transmitter, digital technology to maximize power and a Maxx-Range™ internal collar FM antenna system.
Nick and Continuous Stimulation come standard on all 1800 series collars. The units run off of rechargeable Ni-MH battery systems and come with a built-in safety shut-off.
The 1810 and 1812 (2-dog) models come with the Nick and Continuous Stimulation features.
An additional Positive Vibration mode comes in the 1820 and 1822 (2-dog) collars.
The 1830 and 1832 (2-dog) models include four features, Nick, Continuous, Jump and Rise Stimulation. The Jump button lets the trainer set a second, self-programmed stimulation level higher or lower than the normal stimulation they use. Then in a training session the trainer can switch (jump) to the second setting when needed. The Rise stimulation button continuously increases the amount of stimulation until the button is released.
The 1850 and 1852 (2-dog) models have the Nick and Continuous features and the added feature of a Beeper/Locator that can be heard up 450 yards away. This feature is especially useful to bird dog trainers who hunt in heavy cover. The beeper mode can be set for locate, run and point or point only. These modes can are changed on the D.T. Collar from the transmitter, not on the collar like other brands.
Prices on the D.T. Systems H2O 1800 series collars range from around $240.00 to $480.00 depending on the features. Some dealers are discounting these units for the rest of 2009 so consumers should check prices in their area or on line.
For more information on products from D.T. Systems, please visit www.dtsystems.com.