I have spent many weeks and made many adjustments.The goal
to get my broad heads and field points to fly the same.NOT EASY.
I work with 25,26 and 26.5 arrows.You also need to work with the
proper spine which can change when you go up or down with the
poundage of your bow.Then you need to figure the broad head.75
85 100 ? or what ever size you find works.Two three or four inch
Blazers, feathers????Now put it all together and shoot.Are you really
the 28 or 30 inch draw the guy selling you the bow says you are???
I had no idea how much there is to getting the best out of a bow
when I started shooting last year.Today I made my last adjustment
for tuning my bow.Tomorrow I will adjust the sight to get the arrow
in the center of my target.
Last adjustment this morning.Moved rest back 1/16 to where it was
yesterday.Took one shot with a 100 gr F/P then installed a 100 gr
Nap Nightmare and shot.30 yards and I can't get it better than this.
Now I have my new bow (same model)and I will try and set it up for
85 gr Nap Spitfires.