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    EnCon Police

    For those of you who don't know me, I am Captain Raul Camejo (anyone who is/was a member of ctfisherman, nobssportfishing, cthuntnfish knows me as "Skip"'s easier than "Raul").

    I am currently assigned as the Commanding Officer of the Western District for the State Environmental Conservation Police. I previously served as the Administrative Captain in the DEP Headquarters in Hartford. One of the many hats that I used to wear was that of one of our Division Public Information Officers. We receive a number of calls on a daily basis from hunters, anglers, boaters, and every other type of outdoor enthusiast asking questions on law enforcement matters. Many of the questions or concerns that I hear on the phone on a daily basis are probably questions or concerns that you have too. I thought that by joining I could serve as a point of contact for all of you seeking information.* I volunteer my time to provide the same service to you here as I do on several other fishing, hunting and off road forums. If you would like to leave a post or question for me, post them under the EnCon Police heading, that's the place I will be checking. I realize that there may be some of you who have had negative experiences dealing with some of our officers and you may post some negative comments. If there is something that I can do to help prevent a future problem or explain why we do certain things a certain way I will try.* Please realize that I may not be able to check the site every day, so if your issue is of immediate concern send me an email.* If your information is regarding an ongoing violation please do not post it here.* Call our dispatch center on either the 800 line (1-800-842-4357) or 860-424-3333.* Both numbers are answered 24/7.

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    Re: EnCon Police

    thankyou skip for joining our ranks.your input is aways apprieciated

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    Re: EnCon Police

    Welcome Skip thanks for joining us*
    Shoot a Coyote save a Fawn

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    Re: EnCon Police

    Welcome Skip
    Thank you for all you do for us.

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    Re: EnCon Police

    Welcome Skip, Thanks to you and all the officers in the field.

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