D.T. Systems Takes Retriever Training To A New Level
With Their Super-Pro Dummy Launcher
The Super-Pro Dummy Launcher from D.T. Systems increases the effectiveness of training sessions by simulating a hunting situation. The launcher uses .22 Blank Power Loads to launch retriever dummies with the sound of a gun. The launcher sends the dummy into the air and trains the dog to watch it until it hits the water or land in order to get a good “mark” on it. Dogs quickly learn to look for the dummy at the report of the shot.
The Super-Pro Dummy Launcher from D.T. Systems has several features that set it apart. The frame, hinge system, base and top of the launcher are made of rugged solid aluminum construction. The launcher barrel is made of Stainless Steel and has dual firing ports to produce a steadier, more balanced and farther launch of the dummy. The construction materials make the launcher totally rust proof.
The Super-Pro Dummy Launcher has wide nylon comfort grip handle and a thick, dense recoil pad to reduce felt recoil. It is very comfortable to shoot with up to 90% less felt recoil than other launchers. The self-contained firing pin mechanism can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance.
Fired cases from the blank power loads are removed with a built-in shell extractor. Removing a fired case and replacing it with a loaded blank is as easy as 1-2-3.
Feather-Weight Launcher Dummies for the Super-Pro Dummy Launcher are made of high quality 1000 denier nylon Cordura fabric. The dummies come in two sizes, 6” and 10”. The specially coated fabric repels water, resists mold growth and gives longer life. They also have excellent scent holding qualities.
Retail value for the Super-Pro Dummy Launcher is $99.99.
For more information on products from D.T. Systems, please visit www.dtsystems.com.