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    Question To Encon

    I'm looking for laws pertaining to firearms aboard fishing vessels.Say you are a Ct resident going off on a shark trip in your personal boat. You are fishing Waters off Montauk or Block Island .Can you carry firearm? Handgun or rifle?

    Thankyou in advance

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    Shotgun or rifle would be up to the boat owner. As far as a handgun, as soon as you cross into NY or RI waters you would have to comply with their laws. If you were past the 12 mile limit (I think that still exists?) I don't think that the state laws would apply for handguns...not 100% sure though.

    As with anything related to carrying firearms for any purpose other than hunting, your best bet is to check with the State Police for the state in question. They are usually the overseeing state agency for personal carry firearms.

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