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Thread: Anyone going out tomorrow morning

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    Anyone going out tomorrow morning

    So who else is going out tomorrow morning? I got the jon boat all ready to go just got done brushing up the sissor blind on it. The dogs seem to know just by the smell in the air they go nuts every time I go to the door they must know. Hopefully we get a better year than last year.
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    Good luck.

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    How'd you do? Love hearing the reports, good luck to all this season.
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    Well any day on the water is a good day. That being said I came home empty handed. Saw 2 good flocks of mallards heading towards Rogers lake. Also had one good group of honkers give me 2 passes but we're out of range. The tide didn't help me either. They flew late and the bay I was in at that point was almost dry. I did have a few singles mallards land beautifully in the spread go figure when their not being hunted they want to play. All in all was a good day nice and cool in the AM the dog behaved in the boat well for the first day of the year.

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    Holding off until the south zone opens on the 14th for me but guys are getting on birds across New England.

    My buddy in MA hit a hot cow pasture and got 18 birds between 2 guys while two guys on the CT river got 3 birds apiece. I'm seeing the salt water birds change their habits a bit as the flock behind the building got bigger and it'll only get better.

    How's everyone feeling about the coming season? I heard from the state biologist that the bird populations are leveling off and the birds are concentrating in more safe areas. The banding this year was slow outside of the coast from the numbers I saw too.

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    I never go out for early season anymore.
    It rarely produces and quite honestly I would rather sleep in or go to work for overtime.
    Much better hunting days are coming, and most of it this year will be chasing deer and not so much geese. Especially with the reduced limits in geese and ducks.
    I like hunting late season geese up in mass central zone. Better limits and I can hunt them till mid February.



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