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Thread: Looking for company..

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    Looking for company..

    Hi all, I've been a member here for some time and have even met a few of you. I am writing today and am looking for someone to hunt with. In state, out of state, doesn't matter. I have been wanting for years now to go on an out of state hunt for deer or hogs, whether its state land that we research or on a guided or semi guided hunt, I'm game for most anything.
    Let me start by saying I am not looking for a spot to hunt but rather just a person or 2 or 3 to hunt with. I do have a few friends that do hunt but for them going out once every few years because of work and family is about it for them. I have hunted with my daughter who loves to hunt but she is concentrating right now on school and her and I only get out on private land for deer a couple times per year. Horseback hunting on Anticosti island is what she wants for a graduation present in a couple years, we will be doing that and it'll be fun!
    So anyway, looking for someone or a couple people to go go on a hunt or two per year or just hang with and hunt in state.
    If you also have been thinking of finding someone to hunt with, send me a PM and let's meet up, have a beer or 2, talk a bit and see if we would get along hunting. Boy this sounds like im looking for date or something but I got a wife and, just looking for someone who thinks hunting and shooting just about 24/7/365 like I do and wants to find a hunting partner. Holy s#@t, I guess it is a date? Pretty weird asking this but I ain't t getting younger and my friends will not change and hunt or fish often even though they like to.
    So, deer, hogs, goose, duck and pheasant is what I'm into. Archery and gun hunting, archery and gun target practice, and beers as well.

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    I would suggest seeking out your closest hunting/shooting club. Go to events held at that club and thats where you can get hooked up with like minded people.

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    I hunt Anticosti every year. This year I will be hunting with Sepaq out of their Chicotte Camp at the end of September. It will be an unguided hunt with at ATV to take me to wherever. It may be too late for next year but you never know. Sepaq will be at the Hartford Exp at the end of the month. If you are interested, please get in touch with me and them for more details.

    I have sad news about the horseback hunt. It is no more. They discontinued it sometime ago. It used to be out of Chicotte.

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    Hi Shadow!

    Have you ever considered mentoring a new hunter? When I got to college and didn't have my old buddies to rely on, I ended up befriending a few good ole boys who were the same class as me and getting them set up with equipment or a hunter safety class.

    It's not the most short term solution, but after a semester, every guy I took out was hooked and I had a good crew going who ended up setting me up on a few good places. I'll send a PM since I usually have a few public land goose hunts scheduled each season that we welcome anyone one, but in the long run, there is a generation of young men and women who have never seen or heard of hunting that make the best compatriots on a hunt.



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