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Thread: Assekonk state land Stonington

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    Assekonk state land Stonington

    Anybody ever shotgun deer hunt in there? Looks like tough access but could be good hunting.

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    I never hunted deer there but 4 or 5 years ago I hunted turkeys there a couple of times. I didn't think it was that hard to access. There is a dirt access road off 184 its easy to miss though it looks like someone’s driveway. Your able to drive right up to a locked gate (probably less then 1/10 th of mile) and there is a place for parking. Then after the gate the road continues on. It looks like the state mows it and keeps the road cleared passed the gate. When I was there that had just cleared some of the area off one side and its probably growing in nice now and would be good habitat. I did see deer there each time I hunted and when I was scouting for turkeys I saw some good deer sign.



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