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Thread: Deer Dragging ‘Leghold Trap Seen in New Canaan

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    Deer Dragging ‘Leghold Trap Seen in New Canaan

    Very Hard To Watch’: Deer Dragging ‘Leghold Trap’ Seen in New Canaan

    By Michael Dinan | December 12, 2018

    Here's the young buck dragging a leghold trap in New Canaan. Officials are hoping to minimize the animal's suffering by tranquilizing him and releasing the trap. Photo published with permission from its owner
    Officials say they’re concerned for the welfare of a deer that appears to be dragging a “leghold trap” from one of its hind legs.
    The young buck dragging the trap was spotted Tuesday on Pequot Lane, according to Officer Allyson Halm, head of the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control section.
    “He wasn’t moving too quickly,” Halm told “It was a pretty large trap and you could see the leg was swollen compared to the other one.”
    The traps use a footplate and curved jaws that snap onto animals that spring them. Halm said the traps are not supposed to be placed where deer can get into them.
    It isn’t clear where the deer stepped on the trap or how long he’s been suffering.
    A state Environmental Conservation or ‘EnCon’ officer did respond to Halm’s report of the distressed animal, in hopes of immobilizing the deer with a tranquilizer and removing the trap, she said. Unfortunately, however, the animal could not be located.
    “I am hoping the deer will be spotted again and the officers can come down with their equipment and we can resolve it,” she said.
    Halm added that she has serious concerns not only about the pain the animal is certainly suffering but also about the buck’s ability to survive while hampered by the trap. The trap will both restrict his movement and make him highly audible prey for coyotes. Unless he’s found and freed, such predators “will just wear him down,” she said.
    “It’s very sad,” she said. “Very hard to watch. The people that called it in were devastated and frustrated that there was not a lot we could do.”

    Halm said she’s hoping that the trap itself is tagged so that it can be traced to the individual who set it.
    In Connecticut, the law that empowers the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to regulate the trapping of fur-bearing animals includes provisions such as that snares are not allowed, no steel trap may be set within 100 feet of a permanent building, traps must be checked every 24 hours and trappers seeking to work on private land must obtain written permission annually from property owners before doing so. Violating the provisions of the law could rise to the level of a misdemeanor criminal offense. The DEEP further regulates trapping based on type of trap, target animal, pan tension and bait, and notes that “traps must be securely anchored to the ground.”

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    Well, that sucks. I'm sure the Dems will jump all over that, just like the owl caught a few years ago. Usually a deer will give a tug and pop right out. Either he pulled the stake or it wasn't properly anchored. It looks like it could even be a beaver trap, but probably coyote.
    It's not coming off by itself. Hopefully someone shoots it and it doesn't get more coverage in the news.
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