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    Is using a deer decoy this time of the year while deer hunting efficient?

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    1st - I'm pretty sure you can't use them again until January in z11/12.

    2nd - like any time of the year, each animal is different and will respond as such.

    The does should be herding back up, so it should be effective. I've never used them this late in the year, but I would definitely try. I just need a shoreline property.
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    Early and late season only for deer decoys:

    Use of Attractants for Deer HuntingThe following attractants may be used while hunting deer in Connecticut:
    1. Deer decoys during the early and late archery seasons only.
    2. All types of scent attractants (i.e., doe in heat, buck lure, urine, tarsal glands, food smells, smoke pole) that provide no substance for deer to consume.
    3. All types of sound attractants (i.e., doe calls, buck calls, antler rattling, electronic calls).
    4. Hunting over planted fields where normal agricultural planting, harvesting, or post-harvest manipulation is used.

    In addition to the attractants listed above, the following are allowed on PRIVATE LANDS ONLY while hunting deer in DEER MANAGEMENT ZONES 11 and 12.
    1. Minerals or chemicals that may be safely consumed by deer (i.e., salt licks).
    2. Artificial or natural foods placed, scattered, distributed or deposited (i.e., hay, grains, fruit, nuts and other foods that may be safely consumed by deer).

    Note: It is strongly recommended that individuals hunting on private lands in zones 11 and 12 consult with landowners prior to placing attractants on their property.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HoytCRX32 View Post
    Is using a deer decoy this time of the year while deer hunting efficient?

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    Trial and error. Put one out and gage a deers reaction to it.



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