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Thread: Best season ever ..

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    Best season ever ..

    Anyone else having the worst season they can remember spots that I routinely shot a limit I'm seeing 2 or 3 ducks what's going on this year

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    Been pretty good here. October ducks was great for woodies. I'd say our local wood duck population is thriving. Made it out twice during the open week in October in our zone. The higher waters made for more difficult setups and approaches to hunts but we still saw tons of birds. I shot terribly in October as well so my numbers weren't good but putting eyes on birds, they were definitely there. The spots we hunt in October we didn't see too many local mallards this year but we got on some teal and inland wigeon. November came around and the ducks have really been around in numbers ... and I found my rhythm again, thankfully. We went out for ducks only four times this November and came away with limits two of those times. Both those hunts we saw well over 75 mallards and a handful of black ducks. One of them we shot a full limit of mallard drakes. We counted the two drake black ducks towards our mallard bag as they were hybrids. Wednesday last week my bud and I came away with only a pair between the two of us in the frigid wind over big water but we had a couple good size groups of mallards in our spread just a few minutes before legal. They spooked off before shooting time. The other hunt we saw a few black ducks but it was a tough go at it as most our back waters were frozen up that week. Came away from that one with the ol' skunker. This week while driving I've been seeing mallards and black ducks sitting on slow river bends. Hoodies are in. I'm sure there are ringnecks around inland somewhere. Have heard on and off reports about a small stretch of the shore from a couple buds who hunt down there regularly. I hope to get out again soon. Keep at it. More birds will be down soon I'm sure.

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    I'll second the report about high waters. Been plenty of rainfall this fall which has spread the birds out but we've been able to find good concentrations of birds though lots of scouting. I've seen a lot more local mallards this year than in years past and decent numbers of wood ducks. October I only managed to get out a few times but this November things have been pretty hot since the opener. Shot just shy of a two man limit of mallards on the opener. Found a flooded section of timber where birds were wanting in. Upwards of 100 mallards in the area. Had a few more banner hunts with friends and family. Shot a mixed two man limit from the same area. Found the the wood duck X then relocated to shoot mallards and a bonus green wing. Once the waters receded some the birds seem to have spread back out or left. Me and a buddy each shot a banded mallard, both banded locally. Then last weekend on an inland hunt we managed a mixed bag of mallards, a Woodie, a black duck and a hen bufflehead. That was a nice surprise.

    Goose has been a bit slower but we haven't been targeting them nearly as much as usual. Got into a few in October. Me and a few buddies got into them good last week with a banded bird from New Brunswick so some migrants are trickling down.

    High waters can make the usual spots tough to hunt but scouting will pay off. Good to see others having similar success. This is an atypical season for me as we usually see a lot less mallards.
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