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Thread: An amazing day

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    An amazing day

    What a day of hunting Friday was.
    This story begins on opening day. I didnt see anything on Wednesday. Whenever, it happens. Wind was blowing hard so I wasnt that surprised.
    I already planned on going out Wed, Thurs, Fri, and Sat.
    So Thursday morning arrives and the deer are moving. I saw 4 does all before 0830. I had one come in for a perfect 35 yard broadside shot. I lined up and decided to let her pass thinking with all these does around, there must be a buck somewhere.
    Well after that nothing showed up except a coyote I killed.
    After that I was on the fence about going out friday. The weather wasnt going to be good. I decided to go out and what a good decison that was.
    At around 0700, I looked to my left and saw 3 does coming out of a patch of woods in a field. I knew right away that the biggest one was the one I passed on and thought to myself, you arent getting a pass today. So she crosses the field and comes into the woods, through a ravine and about 60 yards away. Unlike yesterday though, she was at my 7 o'clock direction. When the moment was right, I stood up and faced that direction. Stablilized myself on the tree and in she came. I lined up for a heart shot and let my Savage .308 rip. She ran about 20 yards and layed down.
    I was pleased to know Ill have meat in the freezer.
    Well the story is not over yet. About 15 minutes later I look in that direction and what do I see? A huge 8 point buck following her same path.
    Naturally I am super stoked. I set up again and as I was about to let it rip, he faced my direction. So I waited about 20 seconds and he then turns to his right and I too that opportunity. It wasnt perfect but I hit him good. He jumped so I knew I got him. He then turned around and ran back through the ravine and into the field, then into the patch of woods.
    I knew full well that haul out was gonna be some work but I didnt care. After the doe was down for almost an hour I went and gutted her, then dragged her to my quad, hurled her on the front rack. Then I proceeded to find him, gut him and drag him about 150 yards through the field, down into the ravine with flowing water that proceeded to flood my boots and then back up the hill.
    To say I was sore the next morning is an understatement. BUT WHAT A DAY!

    He hung 167 and she hung 130.

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    Very nice buck. Thatís a great way to fill the freezer.

    Nicely done,

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    Excellent. Great way to fill your tags. Nice animals, congrats.
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    Nice combo...congrats!

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    Good day! Patience does pay off! Bon appetit!

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    Well done! Nice double!!

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    Thatís a great day! Congrats

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    New homepage photo!!

    Very nice harvest indeed. Congrats!!
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    Great hunt he!l of a drag doing a double. Nice meat on the pole . Getting it done

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    Well done - what a great day - two deer same day - lots of work and impressive.



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