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Thread: Report from R.I

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    Report from R.I

    the deer were on there feet sunday for son an I went out in the am.right off the bat bumped some deer on the way in..
    get in the stand pulling up the bows bam a buck goes cruises by don't even think he knew we were there.around 8 have a nice big doe come in wind was a over the place she gets in to about 30 yrds an my son draws back an she catches his movement he try's an hold up she doesn't give in an he couldn't hold the bow back anymore an she blows out of there.we sit for a couple more hours an theres 2 lil does about 100yrds out but they did come in any closer then that.get downan out really slow to see if we could get a shot on one of them..get back out there in the same spot for the afternoon wind just wouldn't work with us in this spot so did everything we could to be scent free walk in super slow see a doe walking away from are stand she never seen us or smelled us.get all settled in for the afternoon around 4 see a nice buck out about 100yrds we sit an wait he makes it to about 45 yrds my son saysdad take the shot just before I grab my bow the winds start to swirl an don't u know he picks his head up an turn an we get the flag tried to stop him an he wasn't having it .what an awesome day in the woods.

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    Nice. Sunday AM would have been a great time to be out. It is good to at least see some brown!

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    Wow thats a good day though....



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