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    Congratulations to those who have been out there and got their deer, duck, goose or turkey..

    I too haven't seen many stories or pictures of this years bow kills on the site, hope everyone that hunts with a bow or crossbow is out there! I also hope all is well with Andy as well.

    I like writing about some of my more memorable deer hunts and have wrote about a few of them in the past on this site. Here is this year's...
    I was out on private land last Sunday morning Oct., 14th. I have been hunting this property which is 13 acres since I was a kid, its family owned and linked with about another 600 acres owned by many different people who do not allow hunting.

    Deer started showing up there about 20 years ago and thats when I started hunting it. I've had many memorable kills and have shot deer with bow, shotgun, rifle and pistol.

    Every year for the past 9 years I have been planting food plots on a small area in the thick of things on this property. Every year it seems I have shot deer coming, going or right in the plot itself.
    This year however I had hunted around the edge of the plot and had not seen any deer (while i was there) going into feed. I have them on camera before I get into one of the ladder stands or after but not while I was there. I have pictures of deer even walking in front of another ladder stand 200 yards away at the same time I was hunting over the plot stand.
    Every weekend this season, usually 1 morning and 1 night I would be out there waiting for a hefty doe or a nice buck to come by but nothing was seen, unusual but I know they are there.
    On Saturday afternoon the 6th, I was hunting over the plot, it was a great fall day and I was watching and enjoying the chipmunks running around and dropping into the hole in the ground of their nest when I catch movement from over my right shoulder.
    Forty yards away I see what I thought at first was a bobcat running through thick brush, a bobcat was what I thought...
    It turned out to be a fawn enjoying the day and running in large circles and around 2 other does though thick brush in a wooded area I haven't seen deer come through in years.
    Well, one of the does was pretty big and I had hoped and waited for them to walk into the plot. They avoided it altogether as they slowly browsed, eating acorns and some type of green vegetation I couldn't identify. So much for my lush green plot of oats and wheat!
    Nothing more was seen while I was there that night.

    For the heck of it I decided to hunt that same stand the following morning. Sunday was a bit rainy and chilly, I thought for sure I would see some action coming into the plot or even in that same area I had seen the deer the previous night.
    That morning I saw a nothing. I got down of the stand by 9:30, (I was chilled from the weather) and on my way out I jumped 2 does. They saw me first and decided to bolt.

    The next week I did not hunt Saturday and I wasn't even planning on hunting Sunday morning because it was a rough week between raking leaves , speading top soil and planting grass and all the time I put in at work, I was tired.
    Two of my daughters are away studying in Europe and I got a text from one of them at 4 a.m., they are 6 hours ahead and I figured that was my sign to get up and get out there.
    I spray down and get dressed. I get out to the property and to another ladderstand on the edge of a bedding area by 5:45a.m., plenty of time for the woods to settle down.
    At 7:15 a.m. I noticed movement 30 yards in front of me and see a couple does. I then look to my left 10 yards away there is a nice size buck standing broadside looking at the does. Well to me this thing was a monster, it had eight points that I could see and it was big!
    It also wasn't moving locked on to the sight of the does.
    I raised the bow and took the shot, I hear the familiar sound when a broad head hits home and he runs off. I quickly hear him as he tumbles in the brush and falls.
    Even though he is down I wait 20 minutes to be sure that he's dead. I feel if I got down and to him right away he could jump up and run off, i've had this happen to me in the past while gun hunting as I had shot a nice dear with a 30-06 and dropped him in its tracks. I quickly went over to him he then jumped up and ran off and I never saw him again, I didn't want this to go the same way and now I always wait.
    After waiting, slowly getting down from the stand and making my way to him, he only ran about 50 yards, I was really happy as this to date is my biggest buck. I am a meat eater and don't care at all what size buck I get, they all fit in a freezer, so I always take whatever comes along.
    This one has 8 points with a 3 inch sticker (9 point then??) coming off his main beam.
    As I'm standing there over him I see 4 deer running toward me! I had to wave and shout to get them to stop. 3 of the deer, all does then run off but a button buck stands his ground at about 60 feet just watching.
    I normally take 2 deer from this property each year and feel that this was a good opportunity to take out a tender little buck. I start walking toward him and am at 40 feet and I let an arrow loose. He drops in his tracks and I go right over to finish him off with another.
    Two down and the fun begins!
    A few pictures of the big buck, dress them out and then got them out of the woods.
    Weighing the large buck he came in at 198 lbs field dressed.
    The button buck was 80 pounds field dressed. The big boy has a large neck and body and was following doe...

    I butchered them and the head is now at Kevin's in Middlebury to be mounted.
    It was a great memorable morning hunt, and am lucky the text woke me up when it did!
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    Congratulations on a nice buck.
    Thanks for sharing your hunt with us.

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    Very nice buck, congrats.

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    Real nice buck, congrats. I like the dark antlers.
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    Great story and congratulations!

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    Congrats that's a great Buck

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    cool.. I havent seen much at all so far.

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    I love a good story with a happy ending!

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    Congrats! Thatís a good day!

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    Thanks guys, i love the dark antlers myself.
    Holding off now till mid November to try and get another big buck.
    Hopefully I'll be at the right place at the right time.
    Good luck to you all!



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