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Thread: Best cover scent

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    Best cover scent

    What cover scent do you have the best success with while walking to your stand? Put it on the bottom of your boots and where else? Thanks!!

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    Years ago I used to use fresh earth wafers.

    I don’t believe that you can beat a deers nose. They have more surface area than a dogs nose does and have a Jacobson’s organ too boot. You can’t beat a deers nose. Pick some milk week pods and use the fluff as a windacator.

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    Before cover scents came onto the market not many people ever harvested deer. Oh wait... Cover scents for deer are a massive scam. Hunt the wind. The last deer I killed had no clue I was there and I was wearing work jeans and a red plaid jacket that smelled like sweat. I thought about marketing my scent at Cabelas as “Unshowered Guy Walking In The Woods.”

    I also should add that a proven still hunting tactic is to circle around on your tracks as deer are often caught nose down in your boot prints, cover scent on your boots or not. Check your tracks one day and I guarantee you’ll see deer hooves in your boot prints. Not only are the deer trying to get a sense of you and where you are, for their own safety, they’re also smelling the disturbance you created in the soil and on the leaves, brush and vegetation. There is nothing you can do to “hide your tracks” from a deer. And the only long time proven way to avoid getting busted in the stand is to keep the wind to your advantage.
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    I have always used ever calm on the toes of my boots before walking in, I know its not for everybody to use scents like that but seems to work for me. A few weeks ago had a doe and skipper walking behind my stand and once they hit where I had walked they stopped in there tracks 15 yards away and then just started smelling all around and followed my boot prints right to the climbing sticks and then wandered off following the tracks the opposite way but ended up circling back around and hanging out for a good hour.

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    To help with scent control I give my hunting clothes about a 30 min dose of ozone while I'm showering. In the shower I use soap designed for dogs w/ sensitive skin. No fragrances added and is supposed to help keep down that dog odor. It is much much cheaper than 'hunters soap/shampoo'. Just before stepping off into the woods I'll spray down my rubber boots w/ hydrogen peroxide. The closest I've come to using cover scents is to store my clothes in bins w/ dry fall leaves and pine needles.

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    I personally don't use a cover scent while walking in or hunting.
    I start by washing my clothes with an unscented hunters soap. I then hang them out to dry on the line for days. If it rains, so much the better, just wait till they dry.
    When taking them down I always wash up using unscented Dove soap. I store all my hunting clothes in an XXL ziploc bag and well.
    Being scent free I feel is better than covering up with any other scent.
    During my deer hunting season and whether I'm hunting or not I always shower and wash my hair with unscented Dove soap.
    I always also spay down with scent killer before dressing and spray down my clothing and pack when I get out of my vehicle at the hunting site. I'll also spray down again when I get into the stand. Also use an ozone generator in my vehicle to make sure nothing in there gives off any odor.
    Thats all I do, i'm scent free, it works for me!



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