CT State EnConPolice
East DistrictHighlights
August 2018
Felony Warrant Arrest
On August 12thOfficer Tefft was conducting recreational fishing compliance checks on the ThamesRiver in Ledyard when a check resulted in a 41 year old male giving a falsename and date of birth with no photo identification.The initial check indicated the subject had avalid fishing license. As a result the subject was given a verbal warning forfailure to carry, and went on his way.Dispatch later informed Officer Tefft that the subject did not have afishing license; further investigation determined that there was also an activewarrants for his arrest.Officer Tefftresponded to the subject’s home with assistance from Ledyard PD.Following a twenty minute standoff, thesubject was contacted by phone and surrendered himself without incident.He was taken into custody on two outstandingfelony violation of probation warrants for domestic violence from 2012,including protective order violations and strangulation. The subject wasprocessed at Montville State Police Barracks and released on a $51,000 bond fora next day court appearance.
State Park Drowning
On August 5th,2018, Officers Scatena, Ruggiero, Tefft and Sgt. Dwyer responded to BigelowHollow State Park, Union, for a reported drowning victim at MashapaugLake.Upon arrival, it was found thatthe 39 year old male had trouble swimming in the water, cramped up and appearedto be going under to bystanders, who initially began CPR on the conscious andalert subject.He was transported toJohnson Memorial Hospital, Stafford, where he was treated and released.
Boating Accidents / BoatingEnforcement
On 8/10/18,Officer Mazzotta was close by when he responded to the Haddam Meadows StatePark boat launch on the Connecticut River for a report of a male pulled fromthe water with CPR in progress. Following Fire Department and EMS response, it was determined the 64year old male had fallen out of his small motor boat and possibly suffered amedical condition.He was transported toMiddlesex Hospital where he was pronounced deceased.An autopsy was performed by the Office of theChief Medical Examiner; EnCon Police continue to investigate.
Southeastsector officers were very busy during August enforcing boating safety onGardner Lake (Salem, Montville and Bozrah) at the request of the Gardner LakeAuthority. Surrounded by campgrounds andsummer homes with many docks, officers addressed numerous Personal Watercraft(PWC) violations as well as issues at the state launch and Gardner Lake StatePark, where several citations for alcohol and illegal vessel use of the beachand swim area were given.Throughout themonth, officers issued over 25 citations for operating PWCs withoutcertification, carrying passengers in front of the operator, safety equipmentviolations, operating PWCs over capacity (towing too many passengers on tubes),and reckless operation (including operating a PWC while standing on the seatwithout steering control).
On August 5th,Officer Ruggiero patrolled Lake Beseck, Middlefield, and issued violations foroperating a PWC with a passenger in front, and for a paddle raft withoutlifejackets.On August 8thand August 15th he issued citations for speed restriction violationsand operating without certification.
Enforcementat Beach Pond, Voluntown, was also increased in coordination with Rhode IslandDEM officers in response to neighborhood complaints, including increasedpatrols at the state boat launch, resulting in several citations for parking anddisorderly conduct.
Recreation Enforcement
EasternDistrict EnCon Police were particularly busy through the hot weekends and daysof August. Officer On August 3rdOfficer Tefft responded to Hopeville Pond SP Campground on a public disturbancecall, and found violations of alcohol, marijuana possession and disorderlyconduct.Several individuals receivedcitations, including minors with alcohol, and were evicted.
On August 5th,on a day when many parks reached parking capacity, Officer Ruggiero was at afull Wadsworth Falls SP in Middlefield when he encountered a vehicle enteringthe park through the exit.Furtherinvestigation found the vehicle was registered as a different vehicle (misuse)and had no insurance – the operator was arrested for these motor vehicleviolations.
On August 7th,Officer Landry responded to Hammonasset Beach State Park on a public safetycall for a locked camper running a generator for over 24 hours with no contactwith anyone on site.It was eventuallydetermined the registrants were safe inside, ignored the knocking, and operatedthe generator in violation of warnings of the noise regulations.They were cited and evicted.
On August 8thOfficer Ruggiero responded to Haddam Meadows State Park for an intoxicated 59year old female who had thoughts of suicide; she was eventually taken byambulance to Middlesex Hospital for an emergency evaluation.
On August 4th,Officer Vroman wrapped up a dumping incident from June 2018 in Quaddick StateForest after locating a male party who left shingles, house materials and asatellite dish in the forest after being hired for a cleaning job in Webster,Massachusetts.He received a $200 fine.
OfficerDanielson received a complaint of All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) operatingunregistered on public roads and on the Airline Trail State Park in Pomfret –he located three 17-18 year old males who were operating illegally and citedthem for the violations.
On August 27th,Officers Scatena, Williams and Sergeant Dwyer responded to Mansfield Hollow StatePark dam for a despondent 29 year old male who called State Police and DEEPDispatch stating he wanted to talk to the police and was incoherent.Following some interaction and identificationof the male, he was taken into protective custody where it was determined hehad two active warrants for violation of probation.He was arrested, processed at State PoliceTroop C Tolland, and taken to the Hartford Correctional Center for next daycourt arraignment.

CT State EnConPolice
Marine DistrictHighlights
August 2018
On August7th Officer Fergason was sent to Bridgeport for a report of a hawk that hadattacked a juvenile which resulted in a hospital visit due to injuries. Officer Fergason captured the hawk andbrought it to a licensed rehabilitator.The hawk was believed to have the West Nile Virus.
Fishing Enforcement
On August 4thOfficer Nivolo was assigned to investigate a complaint that an individual inthe Bridgeport area was advertising the sale of Scup on a local internet sales websitecalled “Offer Up”.The individual wasselling scup for $25.00.Officer Nivolomade an anonymous contact with the seller and requested to purchase some.The individual responded and related toOfficer Nivolo to meet at a dock on Seaview Avenue in Bridgeport to completethe sale of a five gallon bucket full of scup for $80.00.Officer Nivolo arrived at the location andsaw the individual on his vessel tied up at the dock.As Officer Nivolo (in uniform) approached theindividual, he began to untie his vessel.Officer Nivolo ordered the individual to stop.The individual then began dumping out thefive gallon bucket of scup.AgainOfficer Nivolo ordered him to stop.Officer Nivolo was able to board the vessel before the individual couldget away and scoop up the fish that were now floating in the water.Officer Nivolo asked the individual if he waswaiting for a friend to which he related he was.Officer Nivolo then sent a message thread tothe individual regarding the sale that rang on his cell phone in his pantspocket.Officer Nivolo showed theindividual his cell phone with the website and messages confirming the illegalsale.The individual was arrested forEngaging in Commercial Fishing w/o a License, Operating a Commercial Vessel w/oa Commercial Vessel Permit, Failure to Stand By for Inspectionby an EnCon Officer and Possession of Scup inexcess of the daily creel limit.
This sameday Sergeant Bruno was patrolling the Niantic River area and noticed anindividual fishing from a vessel. Officer Bruno conducted a vessel safety inspection and asked for anyfish on board.The individual did nothave a boating safety certificate nor a valid fishing license and was also inpossession of an undersized black sea bass.The accused was issued an infraction for the violations.
On August 14thOfficer Nivolo was patrolling the Gulf Beach area in Milford and observed anindividual actively fishing for bluefish from shore.The daily limit of bluefish is ten.Upon checking the individual’s catch, it wasdetermined that he had 28 bluefish, 18 over the daily limit.The individual was issued an infraction forpossession of bluefish in excess of the daily creel limit.This same individual has had his fishing privilegessuspended in the past for illegal possession of herring.
On August 19thOfficer Nivolo was again at Gulf Beach in Milford and observed two individualsbringing a bag full of fish to their vehicle.A check determined that one of the individuals had 31 bluefish, 21 overthe daily limit.The other individualhad 22 bluefish, 12 over the daily limit.Each were issued infractions with multiple counts for possession of bluefishover the daily creel limit.
On August 20thSergeant Stone observed four individuals fishing for bluefish in Milford onLong Island Sound.Upon checking theircatch, it was determined that combined there were 60 bluefish amongst the fourfishermen, 20 over the daily creel limit.Each were issued infractions for the violations.
On August20th Sergeant Bruno observed two individuals fishing the HammonassetRiver. A check of their catch determinedthe individuals had in their possession 19 hickory shad.CT regulations state that no more than 6hickory shad may be harvested per person.Infractions were issued to each individual for exceeding the dailylimit.
On this sameday Officers Nivolo and Blackwell were patrolling Light House Point in NewHaven and observed 4 individuals actively fishing. None of the individuals had fishing licensesand one of the group of 4 was in possession of a short black sea bass.Three were issued infractions for fishing w/oa license and the fourth individual was issued an infraction for fishing w/o alicense and possession of a short black sea bass.
Vessel Accident/ Public safety Assist
On August 10thCaptain Williams was patrolling Long Island Sound and responded to a maydayfrom a vessel on fire 2 miles off shore in the vicinity of Long Sand Shoal onthe Old Saybrook/Westbrook line.A Good Samaritanwas able to put out the fire on the 38’ vessel.Sea Tow secured the vessel and towed it to Pilots Point Marina for furtherinvestigation.
On August 11thSergeant Bruno overheard a transmission on the Emergency Police Hotline of apotentially suicidal 29 year old female that had ran off into the woods fromher father’s vehicle on RT 156 in the town East Lyme.Officer Logiodice and K-9 partner Ruger alongwith Officer O’Brien, Sergeant Chemacki and Captain Williams responded toassist East Lyme PD with the search.Thefemale was located the next day w/o injury.

CTState Encon Police
WestDistrict Monthly Highlights


On August 26 Officer Heathresponded to the Ferry Boat Launch in Rocky Hill for a report of 2Personal Watercraft involved in an accident the day prior on theConnecticut River. Upon receiving this information he met with awitness and learned that one party was in the hospital currently beingtreated for internal injuries. Through further investigation thesecond operator was found to have sustained minor injuries from theaccident. This boating accident is still under investigation.

During the month of August the followingactivity was documented for boating enforcement with the majority of patrolsbeing on the Housatonic River and Candlewood Lake. District officers issued17 infractions, 7 written warnings, and numerous verbalwarnings for boating violations during their patrols. EnCon officersresponded to 7 public safety assists related to boating.

On August 1st officers were dispatched to area of thefalls at Indian Well State Park in Shelton for a possible drowning. A male andfemale were at the falls and the male went in under the falls swimming. Hequickly began having trouble and went under water. Two other males in the areajumped in and pulled him out of the water and began CPR. The male wasunconscious but regained a pulse and began breathing on his own. Shelton FireDepartment and Police were on scene and Life Star was contacted. The male wastransported to Yale New Haven Hospital and suffered neck and back injuries andwas released a short time later.

On August 28th Officer Kiely was dispatched to theOxford Reservoir#3 area for an illegalswimming complaint. Upon arrival he located a male, who he recognized as anindividual who had been arrested last year for indecent exposure at Reservoir#4 by Encon officers. Knowing this individual was in the process of AR for thatarrest and had a court order issued, Officer Kiely investigated further. Thecourt had put a "Stay Out" order for the individual at Reservoir #4only. This order was sent to Oxford Parks and Recreation Departmentrather than EnCon Police. Officer Johnston had an encounter with thesame individual in July at Reservoir #4 but at the time was notaware of the court order. Officers Kiely and Johnston have both forwardedcopies of their reports to the court so they can expand his restriction toinclude all of the reservoirs.

NUISANCEBEARDuring the month of August WesternDistrict officers were dispatched and responded to 23 Nuisance Bear complaints.INJURED/SICK/NUISANCEWILDLIFEDuring the month of August Districtofficers were dispatched and responded to 17 complaints ranging from sickwildlife, Bear versus motor vehicle accidents, and removing a Copperhead from aresidence. On August 21st OfficerMihalyak was dispatched to a report of an injured juvenile red-tailed hawk that was found at a residencenear the exit 4 ramp on I-691 and West Main Street in Meriden. Thered-tailed hawk was taken to Kensington Bird and Animal Hospital in Berlin,where X-Rays showed a metal pellet embedded in the left wing causing a break tothe ulna bone. The red-tailed hawk is currently being rehabilitated and asocial media request was posted for information on this incident.