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Thread: Duck Opener - 10/5/18

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    Duck Opener - 10/5/18

    Anyone get out for ducks this morning? From what I'm hearing it's been pretty slow all around. Four of us hit up one of our private permissions this morning and came out with just six birds. Saw plenty of birds yesterday morning on a quick scout. Today, saw a good lot of woodies but they flew out once the first volleys started and we weren't set up properly. Few mallards around but they didn't want to play. Had minimal return flight action with a few decoys out as the morning went on. Couple ducks bounced around back and forth in the swamp for a while but it felt pretty much dead. Slowest opening day I can recall. Came out with four wood ducks, a surprise inland wigeon that came from a group of three and a pretty blue wing teal. DU CT got both the wigeon and the teal. So it was slow but the bag was mixed at least. I shot a BWT four years ago and haven't seen one since then so that was cool. We see the green wings in our neck of the woods during October season if it's been a warm start to autumn, which this year certainly has been warm, but rarely see the blues.

    I'll be back out later this afternoon with a small spread of decoys trying to add to my daily bag. I took my one duck from the morning, a nice woodie, and plucked it whole. Plan to slow roast it like a Cornish game hen and pick at it later. Maybe with a plum sauce. Or orange-honey.

    Hope some others got out and found some success.

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    Very slow in my area too. I went to a public spot and heard little shooting. I got the only duck that came into the spread, a drake mallard. Only saw a few other ducks. We did call in 5 geese, but they came in outside our decoys, I had an open choke waiting for close duck shots, and every other excuse I can think of, but
    I did drop one. Very slow, worst opener for me too.

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    Hit my 6 bird limit, i thought it was a fine day. Saw tons of birds

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