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Thread: Got A Few Duck Mounts Back

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    Got A Few Duck Mounts Back

    Got a couple duck mounts back from Brian Yacino. The only waterfowl taxidermist I'll ever use. The quality of his work is top notch and his honesty is unparalleled.

    Shot the woodie in October last season and the black duck on November 25th. Both were hunts I'll never forget. The woodie was the only duck I shot that particular morning. It was cold out and I was standing in waste deep muck, hiding behind a dead tree, sulking as a ton of birds had flown out before legal light. It was one of those spots that make you earn your birds. In this case... just bird. I've had mixed results in this spot over the years. But it's a beautiful spot where I shot my first ever (and only ever) blue wing teal, oh, five years ago now. So I hold the place dear to my hunters heart. Just talking about it I can smell the fresh October air mixing with the heavy swamp stank. The black duck drake was shot in a pair with a hen black. I had hoped to get both the male and female mounted together but the hen was young and her feathers weren't quite in. Not well suited for a quality mount. Thus, the drake finds himself on wall next to my banded mallard that Brian mounted for me two seasons ago. That hunt was a cold morning as well. The swamp was frozen over in glaze ice except one small open hole of water just slightly off shore. There were a good handful of black ducks in that hole the day before, per a Sunday morning scout I believe, but the next morning was slow. Yet, sometimes just sitting over a swamp while watching the sun rise on a cold morning during the Thanksgiving season is enough to cleanse the spirit and bring about some joy. We sat for a good while with nothing happening but we had to call the morning short for whatever reason, I don't remember. Right as we started to stand up to pick up the few decoys we had out those black ducks appeared on the horizon. We ducked back into the edge brush and hit the call. I'll never forget watching their approach and the look of their cupped wings with the sunrise behind them. We both shot one time, each dropping a duck from about five feet over the spread.

    We do an awful lot of waterfowling and we've had some success over the years - but it's the hunts that make you earn it, the ones where all seems lost, the mornings where your fingers are frost bitten and you wished you had stayed in bed, the mornings not of bag limits but of one or two hard earned birds - these are the hunts that make the best memories. Feels great to have the memories through these mounts.

    I also got one of DU's mounts back. A beautiful Old Squaw with a 14" tail. The average is about 10 inches. So he had to have this one mounted. I have to deliver it to him soon ... or just pretend I never saw it because it's just too gorgeous and it'd look great in my office. That bird came over our spread unexpectedly with another on a frigid December day over the saltwater.

    I included a few pics of the ducks from the days we got them. Man I can't wait for duck season....

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    Wow, Brian does some great work. I met him at Walmart a few years ago, but have never seen his work. I heard he's one of the best, I believe it.
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    Beautiful mounts.

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    Beautiful work! Canít wait to get some mounts one day.

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    awesome mounts and congrats! what is the name of his shop?

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    Good job on the hunts and the mounts. Very well done all 'round.

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    Those look awesome. Something special about having the mounts to look at and the memories associated with them.



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