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Thread: Got blind runner experience

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    Ghost blind runner experience

    Been hunting from the ground last couple years using a leafy suit. Finally decided to try out the ghost blind I bought a couple years ago. Deer this morning new something was wrong but couldn't figure out what. After head bobing they turned head to walk away. Last mistake deer made. Not sure if it was any better than just sitting against tree, but was much easier to get the shot off as it concealed some movement. Deer was 7yds or so. Blind is only around 2ft tall, so I would imagine from the 7yds deer could see over the blind but I was wearing the leaf suit and the deer just didn't know what to do.

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    Congrats. Doe? Too early in season to not post a pic.
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    State land doe. No picture. I was in rush to get back to watch the kids, 2 & 4, my wife was watching while working from home for the morning. Tried a new broadhead. Bloodtrail sucked and I was on my hands and knees looking for blood for a while. One of the things I hate about hunting from the ground with a well penetrating setup is the tendancy to loose arrow after a pass through. I use an Excalibur matrix 355. Makes it harder to find the first blood. Double lung shot, deer ran 70 or so yards over hill in thick vegetation. Look for arrow for a couple minutes, no luck. No blood till 30 or so yards that I found. Was starting to wonder if I would find the deer before I had to rush home. Found the deer, filed out my tag, then skinned and deboned, threw meat in backpack and made the 1 mile hike out. Bonus was I found my arrow about 40yds past where the deer was hit, 3/4 buried in the ground.

    My trick for following blood trails is keeping some toilet paper or paper towels in my kill kit. Place a piece of the paper where you find blood. The white is highly visible when you glance back trying to decide the direction the deer was heading and where to look for the next spec of blood. Sure helped today.

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    Congrats on the state land doe. It is nice to be back at it again.

    I use the NAP Spitfire in my Excal and usually get good blood trails. I also tend to aim a little lower; my aim point is the heart. That also tends to help IME.

    Nicely done,

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    Congrats on a nice hunt! I have a Excalibur matrix 380 and itís so fast I have to use luminoks in the bolts or I would never find them!

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    Congrats on connecting! Never thought about how the arrow will go so much further from a blind vs tree stand. I'll have to remember that!



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