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Thread: Goose Population Control

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    Goose Population Control

    Hi all, I'm not sure if I've posted on the forum before but I'm a longtime looker and first time poster. I've found a new pastime that includes guns, hunting.

    Started hunting pheasant with my buddy last year who used to train bird dogs professionally and we're looking to extend out hunting season while also switching up the game.

    If it matters, a little background; I live in Meriden, work in Manchester as an accountant at a public firm. My hunting buddies live in the Norwich area; will travel, have gun.

    We don't know anyone that would let us hunt their land or who would like having a few less geese on their land. So I figured I would put out a feeler and see if anyone wants some goose population control on their land.

    If you would like to chat privately, message me and we can make it work.

    If someone doesn't have any land to offer up, advice would be great; Has anyone had any luck with a decent goose hunt on public land and where?
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    If it were only that easy... There is a ton of public land to hunt in CT and many people find success year after year. But they’ve worked to put themselves on those birds. Get out there and scout.

    As a member of a waterfowling crew that bust our a$$es throughout the year to put in hours upon hours of hard work scouting for geese and ducks, following landowner leads in the search for new hunting permissions, talking to farmers, cold knocking on doors, researching properties, visiting town halls assessors offices, talking with neighboring landowners, sending out letters, making cold phone calls and literally putting in physical farm labor to earn our right to hunt a property, take it from me ... a little effort goes a long way. You want birds? Earn them.
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