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Thread: The best hunting/winter driving/work around the house beater

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    The best hunting/winter driving/work around the house beater

    Alright guys, what is out there for a good deer hauling, winter driving, working around the house vehicle. I would like a wrangler but then I cant haul much stuff (plywood/lumber) without a trailer. What else is a good idea or does anyone have some thing they use that fits the bill? I'm also thinking like an old lifted pickup. Something that is fun also I guess. Wth is out there?

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    A pickup all day. I drive an older pickup with side bed tool boxes and a ladder rack. Workhorse around the house. Can carry anything from ply to game. I haul wood rounds in it all year long. Haul a lot of lumber for projects. Itís good for deer or geese or anything really. No worries about mess when I have a bunch of beavers to toss in the back after checking traps. No worries picking up a DKIR or fur on the side of the road in winter. Easily holds 4 kayaks, 4 guys and a load of decoys when Iím driving the crew to a duck or goose hunt. My driveway is 1/10th of a mile long. Truck plows it. 4WD is great for that. And for accessing a lot of hunting spots. Couldnít live without it.
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    No, its not a pickup. But you can put the seats down and pile a ton of decoys in the back. Also, you would have little issue throwing a deer in the back.
    You could haul wood in it too.
    One thats running and driving could be had for around $1500 in decent shape.
    Mine is a 94 5 speed, 4.0L with a 6" lift, 33" mudders, aftermarket bumpers, 9500lb winch, and a slew of other upgrades.

    You could get the Comanche. But those are harder to find.

    Edit: I want to add that they also have both front and rear solid axles, the 4.0L's are legendary and theres a ton of aftermarket stuff for them. I would recommend to stay away from the pre multi port injection model ones known as Renix motors. And definitely steer clear of the 2.8L versions.
    The ones with the 5 speed manuals are what I prefer. Not much to go wrong on the whole thing.
    The autos are more common.

    My primary vehicle is a 2500HD though.
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    I have been driving a 4WD pickup for the last 30+ years so Iím a pickup guy. They do everything I need them to do.

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    My pickup died a few years back. Currently driving an SUV because we had a little bundle of joy arrive. Can't wait to get back to a pick up. They can be used for most anything.. hunting, stuff around the house, go out for fun like bike rides or runs, or sit in the back and enjoy fireworks. I'll put it this way - when I needed to put up a fence I rented a pick up to haul the materials.

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    Pickup 100%. Now you just have to decide which make, model, year, color, etc. Advise 4x4.

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