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Thread: Excalibur 308 banshee vs missions sniper lite

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    Excalibur 308 banshee vs missions sniper lite

    Which one? ? Anyone have any info or recommendations? Both feel great and are super compact. Now just undecided on which to buy.

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    Excalibur all the way. Who needs a crossbow with training wheels?

    You can do all your own work without the need for a press. With a string changer you can adjust your own brace height and change strings as needed. If you build a string jig you can reserve your own strings.

    I re-serve my own strings and make my own arrows. I haven't had the need to go into a pro shop for more than a decade.

    I once had a toothpick sized splinter on my right limb. I cut it off and sanded it down and continued hunting with it for several years before I got around to swapping out the limbs. Excalibur replaced the limbs, no charge, with "blems". Not that I could find any imperfection. I never had to adjust the scope. The POI never changed.

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