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Thread: Andy’s Update

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    Exclamation Andy’s Update

    Good Day to all of our CTHS members.

    I received a couple of PMs over the last couple of days regarding if I had heard from Andy or had any idea where he has been (which I will reply to, but this ought to address the inquiries). Unfortunately, I have been off the websites for an extended time due to work, lack of time, and just living life.

    On to Andy....

    I called Andy at home today. Upon him answering I knew something was wrong for sure. In speaking with him, he told me that he had a stroke (he believes in May, but not sure exactly). He was in the hospital for 5 weeks and then a Rehab/Nursing Home for weeks after that. He is home now with daily Physcal Therapy at his house. He is somewhat confined to a wheelchair at this point and is working on trying to get his strength back. His right side is very weak but not paralyzed and they are working to get him back on his feet.

    As many of us know, Andy has struggled with major heart issues over the years, so I have to believe this even tougher on him now, but, he’s a fighter and is trying to get back to his old self. He said today he’s slowly starting to “come back” at this point.

    I don’t know when he may return to the site, but I will be calling him weekly for the foreseeable future to keep checking in on him. His old cell phone number is no more (changed carriers and got a new number). Unfortunately, I do not yet have his new cell number, but am hoping I get it soon.

    Anyhow, I will look to post updates as I can and will make an effort to check in here as we go forward (not to mention Archery season is almost upon us and I have a new Ravin that needs to find its’ mark on a brown critter).

    More to come...

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    thanks for the update,he is a fighter for sure,will be praying for his recovery

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    Thank you so much for letting us know.

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    hope he makes a full recovery and gets back to doing the things he loves!!!

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    Thank you Brad, it must be tough for him but so is he.

    I am sure Andy would love to see this site continue to thrive and gain new members as well as
    its longtime members spending some time every day (or few days) logging in, writing, sharing stories and pictures
    as well as answering questions.

    Thanks again for the updates, Andy if you read this we wish you a fast recovery.

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    Thanks for updating. Sorry to hear Andy is having a rough go of it lately. We will keep him in our prayers.

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    Thanks for the update, Brad. Give him our best when you speak to him next.
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    Thank you for the update!! I have his new number but he doesn’t answer it or calls back. If you here from him again please have him call me!

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    Praying for Andy's healing and recovery.

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