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Thread: r u ready?

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    r u ready?

    Have you been practicing with the bow, guns sighted in? stands up etc... I have 5 stands up and 3 left to hang. I got a new property for the first time in farfield county about an hour and 15 from my house that will be fun to spend a little time at and the same 4 properties that i have been at for years.
    I will be shooting my 4 yr old carbon night that i still love. Just dropped it off to sportsman's for a new string. I shoot that bow better then any other i have ever held and 72 lbs feels like 60 for me. ( and i have had some that were the opposite) I did however give in to temptation ( i feel like i am speaking to a priest through a screen, lol) I bought a pse rdx 365 crossbow second hand. I was excited about a new toy and something different to shoot a deer with, but damn from the first shot with that thing i was disappointed. It was heavy, bulky, and awkward. I realized why i like shooting the bow, I like watching that stupid arrow fly through the air and hit its mark. I cant even see the bolt shoot..... I will still take it in the field and try to get a deer with it and also keep it for my kids to hopefully hunt with, but it wont be replacing my compound until i cant pull it back. whats going on with everyone else? New properties? weapons?

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    I'm good to go and have been practicing, good at 50 but won't shoot at a deer that far that's for sure, i've missed at 20 years ago..

    Moved 1 of my stands a month or so ago.. attached is trail cam pic of me going at it alone. I had increased my plot size this spring and plan on spraying for weeds Saturday if no rain or Sunday which right now is supposed to be nice and then tilling and planting next Friday or the Friday after that.

    All equipment is ready, the only "needed" piece of equipment to purchase is a portable vehicle/small room ozone generator, not the small plug in the cigarette lighter type but a unit which is a bit larger that won't break.
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    I Lost a great property this year due to landowner divorce. Picked up a new one, but only six acres. Haven't even scouted it yet. I still need to move two stands and maintain another. Been shooting the recurve, but haven't touched the long bow yet.
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    Sadly not even close. Looks like my prep is going to have to go logarithmic if I am to be ready by 15 Sept.

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    I have a few loose ends to tie up but otherwise I'm all set.

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    Your grouping is looking much better than mine!



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