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Thread: Connecticut just quietly enacted new gun control and you had no idea

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    Connecticut just quietly enacted new gun control and you had no idea

    I haven't seen confirmation of this yet but I thought that I would share it here. Maybe a member here or the CCDL can confirm this.



    Posted by whiskeypatriot | Jul 24, 2018 | Business, Culture, National news, Politics

    [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.498039)]Connecticut is at it again. Shady lawmakers stepping on your rights when youíre not paying attention.
    Hereís the thing. Gun control isnít always about legislation. Sometimes itís about government making it more difficult to exercise our second amendment rights. The State of Connecticut is doing it again, and few people even know about it.
    As a Federal Firearms Licensee (gun dealer) here in CT, I received an automated call alert from the CT Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, Special Licensing Firearms Unit (DESPP/SLFU) telling me that beginning August 6, 2018, authorizations will only be open until 5pmMonday Ė Friday.
    Here in CT, every legal firearms transaction must receive an authorization number from SLFU after they run an instant background check. This typically takes just a few minutes when calls are placed at non-peak hours. On a weekend at mid-day or late in the day, you can call for well over an hour and get just a busy signal.
    Currently, citizens or dealers call the same number up until 7pm weekdays. But now for some reason (the likely excuse is budget) we can only call until 5pm.
    As a firearms dealer, I can tell you that probably 70% of my business is done between 5-7pm because thatís when people get out of work and can come pick-up their gun.
    Our already not gun-friendly, not business-friendly state is further crippling legal commerce.
    The national instant check system (NICS) never sleeps and it should be available to lawful, highly licensed and regulated dealers such as myself to access without needing to go through the state at all. It is, after all, a NATIONAL system. When is our State going to wake-up and help rather than hinder business?

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    Um.. they'll never wake up. This state is doing all it can to run out business. I'm beginning to think there is some plan to make CT a playground for the rich from Boston and NYC.

    All the talk about tolls. I love to hear talking heads on the radio talk as if the Repub party will fix things. But if you listen carefully they aren't against tolls.. they're against doing it the way the Dems want to do it. This latest bond commission thing let the cat out of the bag - a credit for tolls for CT residents since you are paying the gas tax already. I seem to recall talk of implementing tolls and eliminating the gas tax. Guess that will go the way of the income and property tax agreement.

    I'm waiting for businesses to have to pay a non-commuter tax for those working remotely and not 'paying their fair share' of gas tax.
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    What's next, closing on weekends? Shutter the store doors on weekends if they do that.
    CCDL didn't know either??

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    This smells of fake news. Anyone see a second source on this?



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