CT State EnConPolice
East DistrictHighlights
May 2018

Boating Enforcement & Accidents
EasternDistrict officers stepped up their efforts to ensure safe boating by the publicas weather conditions warmed, especially in regard to manually propelled vessels,where all occupants are required to not only carry a lifejacket but to wear itfrom October 1st through May 31st annually.
On May 3,2018, Officer Mazzotta responded to Horse Pond, Salem, on a report from DEEPBureau Chief Lambert of a number of young men in a small unpowered vesselapparently without lifejackets. Threemales were cited for failure to have/wear Personal Flotation Devices(PFDs).
On SundayMay 13th Officers Mazzotta, Landry, and Sergeant Chemacki responded toMansfield Hollow Reservoir, Mansfield, following a local fire departmentresponse for a capsized canoe with three people aboard that went over thedam. It was determined the three 20 yearold males had gone through a protective log barrier above the dam, the canoetook on water from a suction whirlpool, and one male reached the shore whilethe other two made it to a concrete structure where they were rescued by firepersonnel.The canoe was later retrievedafter it went over the dam.There wasone lifejacket in the vessel, not worn.The three males received citations for failure to wear lifejackets in acanoe, and the owner / operator was cited for reckless boating 2nddegree for endangering the lives of others by the lack of lifejackets andnavigating too close to the dam.
On May 20thOfficer Landry responded to Middle Bolton Pond, Vernon, for a report of twokayakers in the water. The 45 year oldfemale and 45 year old male were taken to separate hospitals for treatment ofhypothermia and alcohol ingestion by the female.Neither party was wearing a personalflotation device; the male had attempted to give one to the female party whenhe capsized alongside her.Theinvestigation continues.
On May 25,2018 Officer Landry was patrolling Bigelow Hollow State Park in Union andchecked numerous kayak and canoe operators either launching or returning fromMashapaug Lake with lifejacket violations; a total of eleven (11) citationswere issued for failure to wear a lifejacket in a paddle craft, or failure toeven have a lifejacket aboard. In thisand other incidents with other officers, numerous other kayakers and canoeistswere contacted as they attempted to launch without PFDs, all were advised ofboating safety laws and requirements.
On May 28th(Memorial Day) a 37 year old male operating a personal watercraft (PWC, or ‘jetski’) in the Connecticut River off Haddam Meadows State Park was wave jumpingand landed hard on the water, injuring and possibly fracturing a leg.Officer Ruggiero responded and found that thevictim was transported to Middlesex Hospital for evaluation.The operator was later cited for operating aPWC without a required certificate.
Hunting / Fishing Enforcement
On 5/22/18Officer Mazzotta received a complaint of a turkey hunter trespassing onto aprivate farm in Lebanon. The complainantand subject were waiting upon his arrival; the 61 year old subject admitted hewas well off the property he had permission to hunt. He was arrested forHunting Private Property w/o Written Permission and Criminal Trespass 3rddegree. He was released on a Promise to Appear (PTA) in Norwich superior court.
Numerousother fishing violations were issued around the district, including Fishing w/oa Valid License and Possession of Undersized striped Bass citations in theConnecticut River in Middletown, East Hartford and Enfield, in the Thames Riveraround Norwich, and various other water bodies.

Recreational Enforcement Incidents
On May 1st,Officer Scatena was making an evening patrol of Bolton Notch State Park wellafter sunset and encountered a 28 year old male in a recently-purchased vehiclewith a dealer plate that was later confirmed to be stolen.The subject stated he was given the plate bya friend, but would not identify him.Hewas arrested for possessing the stolen property and other after hourviolations. He is scheduled to appear in Rockville superior court.The vehicle was towed.
On 5/2/18Officer Tefft observed a vehicle with two male occupants on Franklin WildlifeManagement Area property after dark; the area is posted “Closed atsunset.” The two were found inpossession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Citations for the trespass anddrug violations were issued.
Districtofficers issued numerous citations throughout the month for use of parks andforests after hours, particularly Meshomasic State Forest, Glastonbury. Officers also enforced parking regulations atDiana’s Pool State Fishing Area, Chaplin, as warm weather brought out people tothe Natchaug River.Similar parkingissues were addressed at Scantic River State Park / Powder Hollow parking area,Enfield.

Public Outreach Events
EasternDistrict officers participated in several outreach events throughout the monthof May. Officer Ruggiero worked theMiddlesex Chamber of Commerce High School Career Day event in Middletown earlyin the month, contacting numerous students from lower Connecticut Rivertowns.Officer Vroman participated in theTolland Middle School career day event on 5/11.Officers also instructed hunting laws to two police recertificationclasses in Montville, and to a CEFS firearms hunting class in Durham.Captain Lundin attended the Mothers AgainstDrunk Driving (MADD) Law Enforcement Recognition event on 5/23 as an advisoryboard member, where EnCon Police Officer Blackwell and Sergeant Stanko wererecognized for their BUI and DUI arrests in 2017.
CT State EnConPolice
Marine DistrictHighlights
May 2018
Fishing Enforcement
On May 3rd,2018 Officer Hey received a complaint on the Housatonic River in Milford of twoindividuals keeping short striped bass.Officer Hey was able to locate both individuals and located severalshort striped bass hidden in a cooler.Officer Hey also determined that neither fishermen had a current fishinglicense.Both were issued MisdemeanorSummonses for Possession of Undersized Striped Bass, Over the Daily Creel Limitand Fishing w/o a License.
On May 4th,2018 Officers Bernier and Nivolo observed several individuals fishing from theshoreline of the Housatonic River in Stratford keeping short striped bass.One of the individuals was confronted andstated he did not catch any fish.Acheck of the area resulted in the officers finding a yellow plastic bagcontaining 9 short striped bass that was wedged between several rocks.The individual finally confessed to catchingthe fish and did not possess a fishing license.The accused was issued a Misdemeanor Summons for Fishing w/o a License, Overthe Daily Creel Limit and Possession of Undersized Striped Bass.
Also on May4th, 2018 Officers Bernier and Nivolo were in the area of RT 110 inStratford and observed several individuals fishing the Housatonic River.Two individuals were observed keeping shortstriped bass and placing them in black plastic garbage bags then hiding themwithin the rocks along the shoreline.Intotal there were 18 undersized striped bass ranging in size from 11” to20”.Both were issued a MisdemeanorSummons for Possession of Striped Bass in Excess of the Daily Creel Limit,Fishing w/o a License and Possession of Undersized Striped Bass.
On May 5th,2018 Officers Bernier and Nivolo observed several individuals returning to theirvehicle from the Housatonic River on RT 110 in Stratford.Upon checking the individuals 2 undersizedstriped bass were located.Furtherinvestigation revealed 5 other striped bass hidden under the individual’svehicle.They were issued a MisdemeanorSummons for Possession of Undersized Striped Bass and Over the Daily Creel Limit.
On May 12th,Officers O’Brien and Torres responded to Town Beach in Clinton for a report ofan individual keeping undersized striped bass.Officer O’Brien observed the individual catch an undersized striper andwalk over to the shoreline where the fish was placed in the tall Phragmites(reeds) in an attempt to hide the fish.Officer O’Brien approached the individual and recovered the striped basswhich was 18 inches.The individual didnot have identification on his person and subsequently was requested to producea $100 cash bond of which he provided.He was issued a Misdemeanor Summons for Possession of an UndersizedStriped Bass.
Also on May12th, 2018 Officer Reilly and Captain Williams responded to theMarine District Headquarters in Old Lyme for a report of an individual keepingundersized striped bass.Severalindividuals were in a small group on the fishing pier and upon approaching thegroup several of them moved from one side of the pier to the other and placed asweatshirt over the top of one of the pilings.Upon questioning an individuals about their success all related they hadnot caught any fish.As the officersmoved closer to the piling a yellow stringer was observed underneath thesweatshirt leading down into the water. It had two undersized striped bass attachedto it.Both fish measured between 20 and24 inches.One individual came forwardand claimed he caught both of them and admitting to lying. Said individual was issued a MisdemeanorSummons for 2 counts of Possession of Undersized Striped Bass and Possession ofStriped Bass Over the Daily Creel Limit.
On May 19th,2018 Officer Hey received a complaint of a person illegally taking oysters fromCove Island in Stamford.The individualwas observed placing said oysters in a cooler.This particular area is closed to shell fishing.The individual was issued an infraction forViolation of Shellfish Regulations.

Commercial Fishing Enforcement
On May 6th,2018 Officer Bruno conducted an offload inspection of a commercial fishingvessel.During the offload Officer Brunosaw several horseshoe crabs in the pen that had not been sorted.The captain of the vessel did not have anendorsement to possess horseshoe crabs in the trawl.The horseshoe crabs were released and theindividual was issued a Written Warning for the violation.

Wildlife Enforcement
On May 17,2018 Officer Hey received an anonymous tip regarding a black bear that was illegallyshot and killed in the town of Greenwich. Officers Hey and Bernier responded to the residence and questioned thehomeowner who admitted to shooting the bear.The homeowner related that he shot the bear in self-defense.Further investigation revealed the accusedhad reached out to a Greenwich Animal Control Officer and related that the bearhad been at his residence for four days eating from his bird feeder.The homeowner stated that the Animal ControlOfficer told him that if he felt threatened to shoot the bear. Furtherinvestigation revealed that the Animal Control Officer had in fact told thehomeowner to remove his bird feeders and could only shoot the bear if he wasbeing attacked and related to EnCon Police there was no imminent threat. Thebear came back on the night of May 16th at approximately 8:00 PM andbegan feeding from the bird feeder.Thehomeowner walked out onto his patio with his 12 gauge over/under shotgun andfired one slug round hitting the bear.The bear went down and the homeowner then fired a second shot.When asked if he felt threatened, thehomeowner related he was protecting his kids and family.It should be noted the homeowner’s childrenwere away at college.The homeowner wascharged with Illegal Take of a Black Bear, Negligent Hunting 3rd, HuntingBear Out of Season (there is no season), Negligent Hunting 4th, Discharginga Firearm within 500 Feet and Hunting w/o a License.A routine necropsy was conducted by DEEPWildlife Biologists the next morning.
Boating Enforcement
On May 27th,2018 EnCon officers responded to the town of Branford for a report of a boatingaccident that occurred at approximately 2:30 AM. US Coast Guard (USCG)personnel also responded, removed the occupant from the vessel and brought himto shore to be medically evaluated by EMS.Upon verifying the individuals identity, it was determined that theindividual had an extraditable warrant for his arrest for two counts of larcenyout of the state of Maryland, one count for larceny of $10,00 - $100,00 and thesecond one for $1,000 - $10,000.Uponverification he was taken into custody and processed at CSP Troop F and chargedwith Fugitive from Justice along with Failure to Maintain Proper Lookout forthe boating accident.The accused wasthen transported to the New Haven Correctional facility and held w/o bond untilhis court appearance date of May 30, 2018.
On May 28th,2018 EnCon Police responded to Avery Point in Groton for a report of twomissing boaters who had taken a small vessel from the Avery Point UConn campusand paddled it out to Ledge Light in the mouth of the Thames River.A search was conducted by the US Coast Guard(USCG) vessels, which included their fixed wing and helicopter assets, and severalother surrounding agencies. The search produced negative results.The sailboat was located the next day on LongIsland in the vicinity of Orient Point.The individuals have yet to be located and the investigation is ongoing.
On May 29th,2018 at approximately 4:30 PM EnCon Officers responded to the mouth of the CTRiver in Old Saybrook for a report of an overturned kayak.The kayak was found by a Good Samaritan.A search of the area for the missing 18 yearold male was conducted with the assistance of multiple surrounding agenciesincluding the USCG and their fixed wing and helicopter units. The search, whichincluded the area of North Cove to approximately 2.5 miles southeast of themouth of the CT River produced negative results. The search is ongoing.

Public Outreach
On May 18,2018 Officers Blackwell and Fergason attended a multi-agency law enforcementjob seminar at Polson School in Madison as part of a public outreach event.
During themonth of May EnCon Officers issued several citations enforcing the “no wakezone” area of the CT River between the RT 95 Bridge and Harbor One in OldSaybrook. This area has several marinasalong the shoreline and is a high traffic area where boaters constantly violatethe “no wake zone” disrupting vessels on slips at the marinas.Marine District EnCon Officers also issuednumerous infractions andsummonses atvarious State parks for motor vehicle violations including speeding, operatingwithout a license, registration violations as well as seat belt violations.

CTState EnCon Police
WestDistrict Highlights

FISHING ENFORCEMENT:On5/20/18 Officers Mihalyak and Johnston were patrolling the Housatonic River inShelton. There were three vehiclespulled over on the side of the road, in an area known to fisherman as alocation to catch striped bass.Whilechecking for violations Officer Johnston observed one of the occupants put ared cooler in the back of the van.During the investigation Officer Johnston located four undersizedstriped bass. The driver admitted to catching two of the striped bass and theother two striped bass were claimed by another male on scene. All of the bass measured well underthe legal size limit of 28”. Both were issued summons for Fishing without aLicense, Possession of Striped Bass Less Than Legal Length, and Possession ofStriped Bass in Excess of Creel Limit. A court date of June 1st atGA-5 in Derby was issued. The fish wereseized and left for wildlife consumption. On 05/20/18, Officer Buonocore was dispatched to the Housatonic River atO’Sullivans Island in Derby for the report of a dark skinned male with anundersized striped bass on a stringer. Officer Flis was on the Shelton side ofthe river and saw the suspected party head towards his vehicle. OfficerBuonocore observed the suspect carrying a stringer with two striped bassloading them and his gear into the back of his mini-van. Officer Buonocoreapproached the area while the gear was being loaded into the vehicle and askedto see the suspects fishing license. The suspect had a valid all water sportfishing license and admitted that the two striped bass were his. One of thebass measured 23 ½” the other was 28”. The accused was charged with Possessionof Under-sized Striped Bass and Possession in Excess of Creel Limit on StripedBass. He was released on $100.00 non-surety bond with a court date of05/31/2018 at GA-5 in Derby.HUNTING ENFORCEMENT:On the evening of 5-25-18, Officer Johnston and Southbury Police Officerswere dispatched to the intersection of Berkshire Rd. and Pascoe Rd. inSouthbury for a report of a male firing a firearm at a bear. Upon arrivalOfficer Johnston made contact with a male suspect who stated he shot anaggressive Black Bear while at his mother in-laws house. Upon speaking withneighbors it was determined that the suspect's mother in-law called him about abear that was feeding off birdseed and other attractants in her yard. Beforeleaving for his mother in-laws house the suspect retrieved a pistol and rifleand placed them in his vehicle. Upon arrival at his mother in-laws thesuspect shot several times in the direction of the bear in order toscare it away. The bear came back a short time later. At this point the suspectwent to his vehicle and retrieved a rifle. The suspect then shotthe bear with the rifle. It was determined the suspect did not have a pistolpermit. The suspect was arrested on-scene and processed at Troop A. The suspectwas released on $1000 surety bond with a court date of June 5th 2018at GA-4 (Waterbury) for the charges of Illegal Taking of Black Bear, UnlawfulDischarge of a Firearm, and Carrying a Pistol without a Permit. The bear’scarcass was transported to Sessions Woods Wildlife Management Area where anecropsy was performed by Wildlife Biologists. On 05/25/18 Officer Flis was dispatched to Wolcott for a report of aturkey hunter who wanted to turn himself in for accidentally shooting a henturkey. Upon officers arrival he showed officers the turkey, which was on icein a Tupperware container and was not tagged. The hunter was able to provide avalid 2018 Hunting License with appropriate Resident Game Bird endorsement andvalid proof a written permission slip to hunt on the property. He then showedOfficer Flis where the turkey was killed and where he was sitting when he shotthe turkey. It was determined that the hunter was approximately 410 feet awayfrom the neighbor’s house when he shot the turkey and only 17 yards away fromthe turkey when he shot it. While investigating the area where the turkey waskilled, the responding officers noticed a bare dirt spot on the ground andobserved bird seed spread out on the ground. He admitted that he put the birdseed down tokeep the turkeys in the area. The accused was ultimately charged with thefollowing: Possession of more than seasonal limit for Wild Turkey, Huntingwithin 500ft of a building, Hunting Wild Turkey over bait and Failure to fillout harvest kill tag. K-9 CALLS FOR SERVICE:On 5/16/18 Officer Flockhart and K-9Ellie were requested to assist West Hartford PD for a report of a missing toddler.On 5/31 Officer Flockhart and K-9 Ellie participated in a public outreach eventat Gilbert High School in Winsted.NUISANCE/INJUREDWILDLIFE:During the month Western Districtofficers responded to twenty-one (21) Nuisance Bear complaints. Officers alsoresponded to two (2) motor vehicle accidents where a bear was struck, with onebeing a motorcycle that struck a cub. Officers also responded to a bear with an injured leg from a trap. Inaddition to the nuisance and injured bears, officers also responded to fifteen(15) other nuisance/sick/injured wildlife complaints. These calls consisted of4 native snake calls, 4 raccoon calls, 1 skunk call, 2 goose calls, 1 fox call,1 owl call, and 2 calls for injured or dead Bald Eagles.