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Thread: Police called to New Haven magnet school for child making toy Lego gun

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    Police called to New Haven magnet school for child making toy Lego gun


    NEW HAVEN School officials said a child built a toy gun out of Lego at the Jepsen Magnet School in New Haven Thursday.
    School administrators called police to the school after the child made the gun and started pointing it at the other kids.
    Will Clark, COO of New Haven Public Schools released the following statement:

    "School leaders and local police partners were able to investigate and resolve the issue internally with use of restorative practices. Appropriate steps were taken at the school level to insure the safety of all students and to impress upon the students the seriousness of engaging in positive peer interactions...."


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    Did it work?

    How many of his peers were injured?

    I think life in prison would be appropriate. That'll teach the little bastard. SMH!
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    Not surprised at all.

    During my time at UCONN, I was spoken to twice about me having firearms. The first time, the administrator almost got me arrested by telling me I could store a pistol with the campus police (mind you, my permit was for MA so it would have been unlawful posession) and the second time, a resident assistant mistook my mojo decoy pole for a rifle accused me of having a rifle in the dorm two days later with no tangible evidence besides "I saw him carrying a long object"

    At this point, the hysteria is taking over.



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