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    April 2018 Highlights

    CT State EnConPolice
    East DistrictHighlights
    April 2018

    Public Safety Incidents
    On theafternoon of 4/15/18 Officers Curran, Blackwell, Scatena, and Sergeant Dwyerresponded to the Salmon River State Forest, East Hampton, on a report of a Jeeppartially submerged in the water with a person standing on top of it. After foot searches along the riverbankOfficer Curran located the abandoned vehicle. The driver was located somedistance away by Sgt. Dwyer.The maleoperator admitted to off-roading in the forest and getting stuck. He was issuedcitations for trespass / illegal trail use.His vehicle was later removed by good Samaritans.
    In the earlyevening (after sunset) on 4/17/2018 Officers Bouthillier, Tavares and Tefftresponded to the Green Falls Pond area of Pachaug State Forest, Voluntown, fora male and female who were lost and losing cell phone power. Both parties and their dog were located inabout an hour of the sesarch by EnCon Police Officers. They then returnedsafely to their campsite.

    Fishing / Boating Enforcement
    On 4/13/18,the day prior to the beginning of legal trout fishing, Officer Danielson waspatrolling the Natchaug River in Mansfield, and found four fishermen activelyfishing. They were cited for fishing a closed area; they admitted to knowing itwas closed. Later that evening OfficerRuggiero was patrolling the Salmon River fishing area, Colchester, and found amale and female after hours smoking what appeared to be marijuana – they werecited for the violations following assistance from a State Police K9.
    On 4/14/18,the opening day of trout fishing, Officer Tefft found four men actively fishinga stocked brook in Franklin well before the opening time of 6 AM; all fourreceived citations for fishing during the closed season. Other opening day incidents includedcitations for fishing without a license, and failure to have/ wear lifejacketsin a manually-propelled vessels. The incidents occurred in Black Pond,Middlefield and Bigelow Pond, Union.

    ATV / Recreation Enforcement
    On 4/3/18Officer Vroman issued violations for vandalism to a male and female who hadbeen seen a few days before spray painting rocks at Diana’s Pool fishing accessin Chaplin. From witness’ descriptionshe located the offenders who later admitted to the act. They also cleaned upthe grafitti.
    On 4/11/18Officer Landry and Sergeant Dwyer responded to Bishops Swamp WMA in Andover fora report of numerous quads in the area; two side-by-side UTVs were located andtheir drivers admitted to operating unregistered, illegally on privateproperty, and disturbing neighbors. Citations for the violations were issued.
    On 4/14Officers Scatena, Tefft and Vroman heard numerous ATVs operating on and nearthe mushroom farm in Franklin, but were unable to immediately locate them. Their towing/ transport vehicles were laterfound and 3 males were eventually cited upon their return to the vehicle forillegal operation / trespass. They admitted to the same.
    Later thesame day Officers Curran and Landry responded to Pachaug State Forest,Sterling, for a report of 15-20 ATVs operating in the area illegally allday. Two Rhode Island males were laterstopped and cited for numerous ATV violations, including operating on publicroadways, failing to stop for an officer, trespass and public disturbance.
    On4/22/2018, another ATV complaint was reported at Hurd State Park, East Hampton.Officer Curran found four young ATV operators (dirt bikes) trespassing on parkproperty and issued violations to all.
    On 4/29/2018Officer Landry was patrolling Meshomasic State Forest, Glastonbury, in an areaknown for parties and illegal ATV use. Officer Landry issued several warnings and infractions for unauthorizeduse of trails and illegal ATV operation to several parties, and later stoppedone vehicle with five young occupants well after sunset on a trail.The operator’s license was under suspensionand marijuana was found in the vehicle – the operator was arrested for themotor vehicle and drug violations, and all occupants were cited for trespassafter hours.

    Public Outreach Events
    On Friday,April 6th at Rentschler Field, East Hartford Twelve EnCon PoliceOfficers, including four Honor Guard members, attended the funeral services forCT State Police Trooper Kevin Miller, following his tragic death in a motorvehicle accident on duty.Learning ofTrooper Miller’s son’s interest in fishing, EnCon Police officers presented himwith a fishing pole and provided an opportunity for him to fish the NatchaugRiver, Eastford, following the opening of trout season.
    April 6-8th,Eastern District officers also worked at the Northeast Hunting and FishingShow, interacting with many attendees and fielding outdoor recreationquestions.Officers also instructedhunting laws to police officers in training sessions in Montville and Meriden,as well as at a CE/FS hunting course in Durham.
    CT State EnConPolice
    Marine DistrictHighlights
    April 2018
    Fishing Enforcement
    On 4/3/2018Officer Nivolo was patrolling the Wepewaug River in Orange due to multiplecomplaints of individuals fishing for trout during the closed season. Angling for fish of any species is illegalbetween March 1st and April 14th.Officer Nivolo saw individual fishing with afly rod who had caught two brown trout and released them.Officer Nivolo approached the individual whoasked if where he was fishing was a trout management area.Officer Nivolo replied that it was not. Theindividual kept fishing and caught a third trout in Officer Nivolo’s presence.The individual then stated “I guess I shouldn’tbe here then right”?He was issued aninfraction for Fishing During the Closed Season.
    On 4/12/2018Officer Hey responded to a complaint in Shelton of an individual catching andkeeping undersized striped bass behind a sports complex. Officer Hey located the individual identifiedby the complainant, approached him and asked for his 2018 CT fishinglicense.The individual provided his CTdriver’s license and failed to produce a fishing license.Upon asking said individual how many stripedbass he had caught he responded “three or four”.Officer Hey then asked to see the fish forinspection upon which time seven under sized striped bass ranging from 14-18inches were produced.The legal dailylimit for striped bass is 1 fish with a minimum length of 28 inches.Officer Hey issued the individual aMisdemeanor Summons for 7 counts of undersized striped bass, 6 counts for overthe daily creel limit and fishing without a license.
    On 4/22/2018Officer Hey received a complaint of individuals catching and keeping undersizedstriped bass at Sandy Point in West Haven. Officer Hey observed the individuals catch several striped bass but wasunable to ascertain if they were releasing them.Officer Hey approached the individuals andasked for their respective fishing licenses and observed several short stripedbass on the beach next to them.Bothfishermen denied the fish was theirs.Asone of the fisherman was looking for his fishing license in his back pack OfficerHey noticed the sand was disturbed by his back pack.Officer Hey removed some of the loose sandand uncovered a plastic bag of which contained eight undersized striped bassranging from 16-24 inches.Officer Heyissued the individuals Misdemeanor Summons’ for 4 counts of undersized stripedbass and 3 counts for over the daily limit each.
    On 4/24/2018Officer Nivolo was patrolling the catch & release only section of the MillRiver in Fairfield and saw an individual catch several trout and place them in aplastic bag. Upon a check the individualstated that he didn’t know he was in a catch & release only area.The fish were seized and the individual wasissued an infraction for violation of Trout Management Regulations.
    In the monthof April numerous individuals were cited for fishing without a license alongthe Mill River and Housatonic River.
    SeveralPublic Outreaches were conducted by Marine District Officers including theHunting & Fishing Show, UCONN’s Environmental Law Class, and several lawenforcement updates to municipal police officers throughout the state atvarious police academies.

    CT State EnCon Police
    West District Highlights
    April 2018


    TheConnecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s (DEEP) StateEnvironmental Conservation Police (EnCon), with the assistance of MeridenPolice, on Thursday, April 26, 2018 served a search and seizure warrant at 22 Westfield Rd. Meriden,CT after information was obtained from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Serviceregarding an advertisement on a snake forum for the sale of several venomoussnakes. Environmental Conservation Police Officers gained further informationthat the accused, Cameron DeFrances, 21, of Meriden had posted photographs on hissocial media account and listed the venomous snakes for sale. Based on thisinformation, EnCon officers applied for and executed a search warrant of theDeFrances residence in Meriden, locating multiple venomous snakes that areillegal to possess in Connecticut. With the assistance of aqualified licensed reptile specialist all the snakes were seized and safelytransported to a secure facility for reptiles. Seven snakes that are illegal topossess under Connecticut law were located alive in the residence and twosnakes that were illegally possessed were found deceased. Among the snakesthat were found alive include a Gaboon Viper, a Forest Cobra, Two EgyptianBanded Cobras and Two Monocled Cobras. A Tree Viper and a King Cobra were alsofound deceased. DeFrances was charged with the following violations: NineCounts of Illegal Possession of a Category Two Wild Animal and RecklessEndangerment First Degree. DeFrances was processed at Meriden PoliceDepartment and was released on a $1000.00 dollar surety bond after contactingAli Baba Bail Bonds. DeFrances’ court date is on 5/10/2018 at Meriden SuperiorCourt.


    On 4/10/18,Officer Mihalyak was on patrol on the Housatonic River in Shelton. A male was observed fishing and had a fivegallon bucket with two striped bass. The striped bass were measured and foundto be undersized (minimum legal length is 28”) at 19.5 inches and 15 incheseach. Both striped bass were still alive and returned to the River. The malewas issued a Misdemeanor Summons for Possession of Striped Bass Less Than LegalLimit and Excess creel, a license null and void was also issued.
    On 4/18/18,Officer Mihalyak was dispatched to a report of two white males fishing near thecement overlook over bagging fish at Lake Wintergreen, Hamden. The two males were observed fishing and hadbeen putting their fish in a mesh fish bag.Both males admitted that they had put fish in the bag the entire day.Inside the bag were numerous trout. Itappeared the males had several trout over the daily limit of 5 per angler.In all, there were 4 dead trout and 14 livetrout for a total of 18 in their possession.The accused did not have any prior fish and game violation history.Both were issued infractions for a violationof Excess Creel Limit.
    On 4/21/2018, Officer Kiely wasconducting fishing enforcement of the Housatonic River in Shelton where heobserved two individuals down an embankment with one visible fishing rod. The two suspects took turns making casts into the water. After severalcasts he saw one of the suspects reel in what appeared to be a small fish(unknown type due to the low level of ambient light). Shortly after, hesaw one of the suspects walking uphill towards him from the shore. Thesuspect was carrying a collapsed fishing rod and immediately exclaimed, “Notfishing”. Behind the first suspect, he observed the second suspect stopalong the trail and put down an orange object, then continued uphill andnervously stated, “No fish”. A check of where the second suspect stoppedan orange 5 gallon bucket containing multiple undersized Striped Bass waslocated. Both suspects verbally admitted to fishing and catching the StripedBass and also believed they were allowed to keep 10 each. The twosuspects were found to be in possession of 18 undersized Striped Bass, between14 and 20 inches. Both parties were issued summons’ for the followingviolations; Fishing w/o License, Possession of Less Than Legal Length StripedBass (9 counts each) and Excess Creel Limit Striped Bass (8 counts each). Both were released on non-surety bonds with a court set date of 5/4/2018 atDerby Superior Court. Due to all the Striped Bass being deceased theywere seized and will be donated to a wildlife rehabilitator for animalconsumption.

    On 4/22/18, Officer Johnston wascalled to the Housatonic River in Shelton for a report of someone keeping shortStriped Bass. Upon arrival the suspect was located fishing behind a nearbyhouse. When asked for his fishing license the suspect stated it was in hiscar and led Officer Johnston to his vehicle where there was a cooler. Thesuspect allowed the officer to look in the cooler that was in his vehicle.The cooler contained three Striped Bass between 16 and 19". The accused admittedthat the fish were his. The accused was charged with Possession of Under-SizedStriped Bass and Possession in excess of Creel Limit on Striped Bass. He wasreleased after posting a $100.00 cash bond with court date of 5/4/18 at GA-5in Derby.


    On 04/09/18 WesternDistrict Officers responded to a residence in the town of Canton for areport of a bear being shot at. Upon arrival it was determined throughwitness statements that the suspect had shot at a black bear while pursuing thebear with an ATV. The suspect was subsequently arrested for the notedviolation.

    On 4/24/18, Officer Norton was notifiedby Dispatch that they had just received a complaint from an individual thattheir neighbor had shot a Great Blue Heron. According to EnCon Dispatch the callerstated hearing a sound similar to that of a high powered air rifle, and thensaw the bird fall and struggle on the ground. Officer Norton and OfficerFlockhart met with the complainant. The complainant brought Officer Norton tothe backyard of the residence, and pointed to where the deceased bird was lyingon the ground. There was a clearly visible injury through the chest of the birdthat was similar to that of a gunshot wound. The officer’s investigation andinterviews of three suspects led to another residence where three suspects wereidentified. The investigation and interviews of all three suspects resulted inthe arrest of that homeowner. The accused admitted to shooting the bird andcontinued to explain that he had shot the bird earlier in the morning with his.22 caliber rifle, after thinking it was a crow. The accused was issued a MisdemeanorSummons.

    On 4/25/2018, while conductingopening day turkey enforcement of the Aldo Leopold WMA Officer Kiely observedthe accused wearing full camouflaged walking along the dirt access road towardsEast Flat Hill Road. The dirt access road is owned by the Town ofSouthbury. The Town has an agreement with DEEP to allow individual’saccess to the WMA from the main road long as no hunting activity is conducted. Officer Kiely made contact with the accused at his vehicle parked on East FlatHill Road. He observed the accused was in possession of a pump actionshotgun with the action in the closed position. Officer Kiely requestedthe accused to open the action to ensure the weapon was unloaded andplugged. The accused then worked the action to the rear, ejecting oneunfired 12ga. shotgun shell. The accused continued to work the action twomore times, ejecting two more unfired 12ga. shotgun shells. In closeproximity (77 yards) there were two residences adjacent to the area where theaccused was found to be in possession of a loaded hunting implement. Theaccused possessed a valid CT Firearms hunting license with resident game birdstamp. The accused was issued a misdemeanor summons for the followingviolations; Hunting/Carrying loaded firearm within 500 feet of occupiedbuilding and hunting private land without written consent. The accusedwas released on a written promise to appear with a court date of 5/9/18 atWaterbury Superior Court.


    During the month of April, EnConPolice conducted training for thirty-four seasonal lake patrol officers(LPOs) from Candlewood Lake Authority and Lake Housatonic Authority. TheseLPOs are employees of their respective agencies. They receive theirlaw enforcement authority appointment as LPOs from the Commissioner ofDEEP. The DEEP is statutorily responsible for providing the training to theseLPOs. The training consisted of a basic (recruit) LPO class for eleven newlyhired candidates and two refresher training sessions for twenty-tworeturning LPOs. Training topics included Boating Law, Boating Under theInfluence (BUI) Recognition, Accident Investigation & Reporting, andConstitutional Law among others. Additionally, all LPOs received training inOfficer Survival or "Defensive Tactics".


    On4/12/18 Off. Flockhart and K-9 Ellie responded to a report of a missing 18 yearold male missing in Sunnybrook State Park in Torrington. The male was locatedoff state property.On4/26/18 Off. Flockhart and K-9 Ellie responded to a possible SAR for a suicidemale in Southford FallsState Park in Southbury. The male was ultimately located in Ansonia.

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    Goodness. You EnCon officers must get some good laughs. A Great Blue Heron mistaken for a crow (yeah.. right) and people getting lost so easily. Brought a cell phone but never figured to bring a compass? Unbelievable.



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