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    Wasn't even really excited about turkey season yet. Cold spring had everything jacked up so I didn't spend a lot of time scouting for turkeys. Treat took his kid out a few times during youth and had zero luck.

    So...since today was going to be our first day to hunt them, I decided to drive around and check the farms I frequent. Turns out every farm and field had birds in it. Even fields that haven't usually had was a little crazy.

    Treat wasn't going to hunt this morning, but his boy convinced him that they should hit the first few hours. I was still set on hunting coyotes, so while I didn't hunt with Treat and his boy, I pointed them in the right direction. About 7:45, I hear two shots way off in the distance...mile or so. Treat dropped a long beard after his boy missed.

    I saw no coyotes...plenty of deer and turkeys, but no coyotes. I linked up with Treat and checked out his bird, grabbed my decoys from him and headed out.

    On the way home, I figured I'd swing by an area I hunt and see if there were birds out in the sunshine. Sure enough, and I hatched a plan to go after them. Problem I made my sneaky way to find a place to set up, I got blocked by two gobblers. So I went left and decided I was gonna go after them. Except left was a field full of birds. Birds 270°.

    I bumped the birds left, made it to the woodline, put out a single feeding hen decoy and let out a couple yelps...thinking I was calling to the birds to my left. But instead, all the birds I bumped from the field now erupted from my right.

    Didn't take them long, and I had 5 long beards in front of me...20yds. I waited for two to line up and let one go. BAM... Two gobblers down. One is flopping a little so the other 3 come back to finish him off. I picked the biggest and drilled him!!

    Three longbeards on the ground, and the other two stayed within 30 yds as I called my brother in astonishment... And then two more came in from my left. The ones I originally thought I was hunting.

    Crazy... I wasn't sitting 10 minutes. Guess I can get back after those yotes. Buzzards picked the eyes out of this one within an hour of dropping it.

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    Wow awesome Scott!! Nice way to tag out!! Congrats
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    Damn, Scott, you don't mess around. Congrats.
    Checked the fields this morning at 0545 on my way to work, 4 deer, no birds. On my way home, just before 5pm, still nothing. I don't know where they are. Haven't heard a gobble yet this spring.
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    That is one heck of a morning, congrats!

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    Awesome morning. Nicely done.

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    Good grief! Congrats! Back to the coyotes already

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    That is unreal! Congrats on a quick limit.

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    Congrats! That’s the way to get it done quick.

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    Ah, ye olde target rich environment. Good job!



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