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Thread: Have you found any good hunting related deals lately?

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    Have you found any good hunting related deals lately?

    I don't mean to brag, but I will a little.

    I stopped into the Tractor Supply in Middletown today and came away spending a bit less than $42.00.

    Pictures attached of what I got.
    I 've got a mineral site going now thats being hit and when its time to refresh I'll try the Big&J.
    I have been using a WildGames Inovation Cloak camera now for a few years and never had an issue with it. Found them at Tractor Supply for $32.00 Cabelas are around 80 bucks or so, so ZI figure for the price.. why not get another!

    The Acorn Rage and Reactor attractant/mineral supplement I never used but will now. I also got 10% off everything because I had a voucher!

    By the way they have more of all this at the store. 2 more cameras on the wall on the right when you walk in and more bags of supplement and attractants hidden away in the far right corner of the store.

    Have any of you got any good deals on any hunting related items, gear etc.. at clearance prices lately? Please share.. i'm always looking for stuff to fill my hunting/gun room!
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    I bought a whole slew of minerals from there on the cheap. For the most part, you can buy minerals for horses or cows and its the same thing. But as soon as they label it for deer the price spikes. I put Trace mineral salt, Dicalcium phosphate and stock salt out.
    Its getting hit, I need to put a camera out.

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    Trace mineral salts for cows from AgWay or Tractor Supply is what I use. Not expensive and most years I don't have to refresh the salt lick.



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