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Thread: Best 12ga Shotgun Shell Shot

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    Best 12ga Shotgun Shell Shot

    This is my first Turkey Hunt. Never been before. I was wondering what is the best shot for a 12 ga. Shotgun for Turkey? Thanks for the help.

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    There are specific "Turkey Loads" that manufacturers sell. I think mine are Winchester, they work.
    Choke is pretty important, pattern if you can, otherwise just use the tightest choke you can get.

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    There's a few fields of thought on this: cost, pattern density, and energy.

    If it's your first year hunting turkey, I'd focus on the fundamentals such as calling, scouting, decoy placement, etc. So long as you have a full, super full, or extra full choke, your gun should be set out to 30 yards.

    Regarding shot, you can use 4, 5, 6, and 7 in anything from 2.75-3.5 in shells in lead or heavier mixes. All combinations of these will kill turkeys. The question is what is best for your preference and style.

    If you want a good all around shell, #5 shot in 3" will work at most ranges while balancing a nice pattern and good kinetic energy. This could be a $10 box of 10 shells or it could be a $30 box of 5 hevi shells. This depends on your situation, ability, and budget. Cabela's is a decent place to shop but Walmart may have a few options too (Remington Express Long Range is a decent option they usually have).

    Below are a few videos on that can show the difference in types of ammo. Each cost different amounts so you can select what works for you. Try a few types of ammo and find what works best in your gun with your choke. Make sure you use a shell that fits your gun and you have shot your gun before the season begins.Turkey loads can pack a punch!

    Comparison of Winchester Brands @ 30 yards:

    Comparison of #4 3" Shells by various brands @ 50 yards:
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    At the end of the day it comes down to what patterns best for you in your shotgun.

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    Heavy Shot Magnum blend which is a blend of 5, 6, & 7. Thatís my favorite from a store like Cabelaís. You can also have custom shells made by nitro ammunition in heavy shot or tungsten.

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