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Thread: Winchester Rifle Help

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    Winchester Rifle Help

    An old timer in town stopped over last night and gave me a gift that he has shot many deer with in VT, NH, and ME. He seems to think it was about 50 years old. I have never owned a rifle other than a .22 Ruger I got when I was a kid.

    He kids are all anti gun so he said "I want this gun to be in the hands of someone that will use it and keep it"

    Any guidance about this gun? What to shoot or what shoots best thru it? The scope is a Weaver which was probably not a bad scope in the day.

    Gun is a Winchester Model 670A 30-06 Right hand

    Any intel is appreciated
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    The Ol'timer should be able to tell you what he shot out of it. But, I would get a couple boxes of shells, different weights and brands and head to the range. See for yourself what shoots best. Congrats on the gift. Have fun.
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    Bring it up, I have some assorted 30-06 and can make up some if we need too.

    I have found 170-180 grain bullets seem to work better

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    Model 670

    I have one just like it and have shot deer and elk with it. I use 150 gr for deer and 180 gr for elk.
    Have fun!



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